Get it Off Your Chest


Sasha Baron Cohen’s recent transformation from Borat to Bruno apparently took the commitment of a full body waxer. And as the summer creeps around us, I see the same effect on all the shirtless men around me. When did the shaved chest become so commonplace?

Grooming, of course, is a personal choice. As someone with a few high maintenance habits, I understand the urge to pluck, primp, or refine. However, different chest types have both positive and negative aspects to them. The last three chests that I’ve personally touched (in no particular order) came in three extremely different varieties. There was:

The Naturally Hairless Chest: It’s smooth to the touch and very low-maintenance. Even for its convenience, I prefer something that reminds me that the man went through puberty. I’m just asking for a sprinkling of hair somewhere.

The Shaved Chest: Spooning-induced razor burn. Seriously. Friends have confirmed this to be an epidemic. No good.

The Borat-style Chest: This is rather intimidating at first. It all seems messy and complicated. Nevertheless; it’s warm, fuzzy, and fun. A (very) grown-up teddy bear!

It’s all a matter of taste, I guess. It always is in these situations. I probably shouldn’t judge grooming techniques when I would get angry at men for doing the very same thing to me.

Then again, the question looms…do you prefer Robin Williams or Ryan Seacrest? Manicured lawn or untamed forest?