Get a Closer Look at Pamela Love for Topshop

Kerry Pieri
Get a Closer Look at Pamela Love for Topshop
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There were more unauthorized spoilers about the Pamela Love for Topshop collaboration than your average episode of Gossip Girl, but it just shows how voracious fans are for anything from the downtown jewelry designer and the British high street fashion behemoth so just imagine what happens when the two unite.

Love recently told The Independent that her jewelry inspiration isn’t exactly what you might expect, “I think a lot of people assume I am a goth, but I actually really love florals.”

The designer showcases that somewhat girlish side with tarnished silver pieces that incorporate hearts that have a bit of a medieval vibe, offset with Native American influenced earrings and a studded ring that seem more signature. The pieces go on sale at Topshop in stores and online May 19, and start at approximately $100.