The Gentlemen’s League Debuts


Last night, The Gentlemen’s League toasted their first entrée into the retail world at début on Mulberry Street. Until now, the line, designed by Adam Razak and Seth Stevens has been a bespoke company, focused on custom orders. Stevens, with a background in industrial design constructs the physical bags and Razak, an artist, illustrates the bags, so that each is a unique personalized piece.

One loyal customer, a wildlife photographer, had her bag emblazoned with sketches of the exotic animals that she has photographed.

Début is the perfect location for their first retail line as the store focuses on up and coming designers with a unique perspective. The bags made for the store won’t skimp on the personalization aspect of the brand though. Each is left with space to add your own personal monogram and is signed, dated, and numbered by Razak.

The Gentlemen’s League will now be available at début, 298 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012.