Best Fashion Hack Ever: This Genius Trick Will Help You Bike in a Skirt

Laurel Pinson

With chic cycling on the rise, more and more ladies are hopping on ridiculously stylish bicycles in fashion-forward attire that might not immediately seem bicycle-friendly. (Heck, street style professionals like Hanneli Mustaparta can even bike in heels.)

Skirts, however, have long presented a problem. Sure, a flowy skirt may look fantastic on a bicycle, and it isn’t limiting when it comes to pedaling (a real problem with fitted dresses and pants), but there’s that whole skirt-blowing-up problem when you catch some speed. How many times have we all inadvertently flashed innocent passers-by while biking down the street?

Well, the ladies behind a genius new solution feel your pain, and they have the answer: Penny in Yo’ Pants.

In a nutshell, all you need is a penny and a rubber band. Then, you push the penny from the back of your skirt to the front (through both layers), forming a button at the front of the skirt. Then wrap the rubber band around the button, and ride, girl, ride!

Watch the video below to see the girls give a demonstration of this (brilliantly simple) trick, and start using it right now!