30 Genius Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Leah Bourne

With Halloween just days away, you’re probably eager to start celebrating—and, if you haven’t yet, decorating. The only problem? Halloween decorations can be pretty hokey.  Instead of adorning your pad with fake blood and cobwebs, we’re thinking more along the lines of glitter and crystals. With that in mind we combed Pinterest and some of favorite DIY blogs, for 30 genius Halloween pumpkin ideas.

Some require carving, some just require a little bit of glue and a lot of imagination. From chevron pumpkins, to pumpkins dip-dyed in melted crayons, we can all but assure that you’ll be obsessed with some of these cool ideas.

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1. You’ve jumped on board the ombre hair trend, so why not ombre your pumpkins this Halloween? The brighter, the better, as far as we’re concerned.

2. Decorate your pumpkin with washi (special printed) tape, using the tape to create strips of color on your pumpkin.

3. Take cues from your home, and paint your pumpkin accordingly, in a print like chevron or ikat.

4. Carve into the top of your pumpkin, and turn your pumpkin into a fun seasonal vase.

halloween pumpkin ideas

Photo: Yesterday’s Sweetheart Blog

5. We’re obsessed with the idea of painting pumpkins, and then using glue to apply glitter in a fun design like stripes or polka dots. This decorating idea couldn’t be easier to execute or more cute.

6. Talk about a chic way to decorate you pumpkin—glue on doilies, and voila, one very fancy pumpkin that took about five minutes to create.

7. Everything and anything looks better in all-black, even pumpkins.

8. Bedazzle your pumpkin with Swarovski crystals. Even pumpkins look better blinged out.

9. This DIY pumpkin idea will wow, and all it requires is tying lace or fishnet stockings around you pumpkins.

10. Mustaches are all the rage, so why not glue a mustache on your pumpkin?

halloween pumpkin ideas

Photo: A Night Owl Blog

11. Neon paint-dipped pumpkins? Yes, please.

12. Decorate with newspaper! This idea is perfect for making a wordy-statement with your pumpkin.

13. Cover your pumpkin in gold thumbtacks, for one seriously chic pumpkin.

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14. We love this easy and fun idea—simply buy ribbon, and tie-up your pumpkin in style.

15. Turn your pumpkin into a recipe cheat sheet.

halloween pumpkin ideas

Photo: Sugar and Charm Blog

16. Personalize your pumpkins with decoupage photos.

17. Knit a sweater for your pumpkin (hey, pumpkins probably get cold too).

18. Your pillows, your towels, and just about everything in your home is monogrammed, so why not your pumpkins?

19. Turn pumpkins into chic votives, for candles, a great way to decorate your home during the holidays.

20. Use a drill to create holes in your pumpkin. Everyone will be utterly impressed with your cool carving technique.

halloween pumpkin ideas

Photo: Studio DIY

21. This might be the cutest pumpkins that we have ever see—mini pumpkins made to look like donuts.

22. Use stencils to paint a pumpkin with prints like falling leaves.

23. Use cookie cutters to carve your pumpkin with fun designs like stars or hearts before carving.

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24. Put leftover confetti to good use on pumpkins.

25. Personalize your pumpkin with embroidery. It takes some skill, but the result is pretty spectacular.

halloween pumpkin ideas

Photo: Parenting.com

26. Spruce up that average pumpkin your bought at the grocery store with glass spray paint, which will leave your pumpkin looking like a mirror.

27. Wallpaper enthusiasts will love this idea—photocopy fabric in color and then glue it onto you pumpkin. We love this idea for creating unexpected pumpkins in prints like toile.

28. Carving a pumpkin doesn’t necessarily mean having to create full holes, we love the idea of creating fun surface carvings on pumpkins.

29. Decorate your pumpkin with leopard print duct tape, because really, everything is better in leopard.

30. This is basically genius—drip decorating pumpkins with multi-colored crayons.

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