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Genderless fashion is a hot topic right now, especially among millennials, retail’s most valued target. Roll your eyes if you like, but a recent report found that half of the generation—typically characterized by those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s—believe gender is fluid. Plus, high-fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton are casting skirt-wearing males in womenswear campaigns, making it clear we’re on the cusp of a pretty seismic shift in terms of how we perceive what’s male and what’s female.

So, in a smart move, fast-fashion mecca Zara just debuted an “Ungendered” section on its website that features nonbinary clothing.

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Although the solid tees, jeans, sweats, and knits are as neutral as it gets—nope, Zara didn’t pull an Alessandro Michele and stock the section with pussy bows, skinny scarves, printed suits, rose appliques, and pink ruffled cuffs, all pieces the designers sent down his Gucci Spring 2016 menswear runway—it’s a big deal for such a mass brand to embrace the progressive idea that gender is, in essence, an illusion.

Shop the section here, and get ready to see more retailers, brands, and manufacturers following suit.