Gender-Bending Model Andrej Pejic Comes Out as a Transgender Woman

Leah Bourne
482435543 Gender Bending Model Andrej Pejic Comes Out as a Transgender Woman

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Gender-bending model Andrej Pejic rose to fame after being discovered by Carine Roitfeld, who put her in French Vogue. Since, she’s been pushing the envelope rising to star status, modeling men and women’s clothing for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, and Alexander McQueen.

Still—despite being born a male—Pejic has always been coy about gender. The model told New York magazine in 2011: “I guess professionally I’ve left my gender open to artistic interpretation,” and “I don’t really have that sort of strong gender identity—I identify as what I am.”

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Now, though, Pejic is coming out as a transgender women, along with announcing a name change to Andreja Pejic (with a gold nameplate necklace to match). Pejic announced the decision in three interviews for, People, and Entertainment Tonight.

Pejic told “I hope everything goes well. [SRS] was a personal decision. I took this step, and I said to myself, My career is just going to have to fall into place around it. So I hope that I can continue my success. I think I’ve shown that I have skills as a model, and those skills don’t just go away. I’ve had experience. I’ve been around the block.”

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The announcement doesn’t seem to be slowing down Pejic’s career. She has a role in Sofia Coppola’s upcoming The Little Mermaid, and will reportedly be a fixture during fashion week. Kudos to Pejic on her brave decision to discuss this, we can only imagine its going to impact a lot of young kids who look up to her.