Gemma Ward is Back On A Glossy Cover After Three Years

Kerry Pieri

So, assuming that you’re as fashion obsessed as I think you are, you probably worshipped Gemma Ward during the moment of doll/feline faced models who seemingly took over the world a few years back. Although Jess Stam continues her reign, after appearing on Vogue covers at only 16 and enjoying a seriously stellar career, Gemma Ward disappeared into the abyss of normal people at only 19. The Aussie beauty resurfaced momentarily enough to be photographed and ostracized for gaining five pounds and becoming an adult, and since then has been under the radar save for some bit acting parts, including in the well reviewed Indie The Black Balloon and, more recently, the yet to be released Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Ward is back not only with the aforementioned major role in a Disney movie, but she also has a starring part in the play, The Ugly One, which debuted at The Perth Theater (don’t worry, the name is for an alternate character) AND with her first glossy magazine cover since 2008, according to Jezebel.

The Harper’s Bazaar image by Peter Ash Lee actually looks more actress-y rather than model-y like she’s so serious and thespian-like now maybe it’s the “Taking Direction” tag line. Ward certainly still has the buzz and face to model, but given the choice of playing Mermaid to Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow and making Disney loot or vamping for Terry Richardson, I’d take the former every time.

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