Gemini Season Has Begun—Unleash Your Inner Extrovert

Gemini Season Has Begun—Unleash Your Inner Extrovert
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Friends, Gemini, countrymen—lend me your ears,

Great news, everyone: It’s Gemini season. That random burst of energy and sudden insatiable desire to send 13 separate texts for a message that could definitely fit in just one? That’s Gemini energy, baby. The sun just entered Gemini on May 21, and will be here until June 21, giving you plenty of time to be as social, outgoing, energetic and all over the place as you want (just try to keep your job, OK?).

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The social butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini is a mutable air sign. Mutable signs are known for their flexibility and adaptability, as well as their ability to change how they express themselves for a given situation. (Some say two-faced—I say dynamic.) This lends itself nicely to Gemini’s natural versatility and ability to go with the flow. Air signs are all somewhat intellectual, and can often be social—just like Geminis. Versatile, inquisitive, fun-loving, Geminis love talking to and learning about new people. At the end of the day, Gemini folks are just talkative, chaotic dorks, and it’s their time to shine.

Geminis are equal parts indecisive and impulsive, and they’ll sometimes ask for a lot of opinions before making a decision. This doesn’t mean they’re incapable of committing to plans, they just know they’re multifaceted people, and they sometimes worry that if one part of them is content, another part may feel hollow. Of your friends, they’re most likely to be the one unsure if they should drink tonight—ugh, should I drink tonight? Guys do you think I should drink tonight? Are you guys drinking tonight? Then, an hour later, they’ll black out on the dance floor, because when they do things, they DO THEM.

“At the end of the day, Gemini folks are just talkative, chaotic dorks, and it’s their time to shine.”

Aside from blacking out on a casual night out (don’t do this), you can embrace Gemini energy by learning something new. Geminis are smart people—they’re endlessly witty and have the ability to learn quickly. Pick up some knowledge about anything weird you come across—be it street cats in Istanbul or some fun facts about Houdini—and lose yourself in a Wikipedia wormhole. It doesn’t have to be serious, or a passion project, or anything that deep, just something you’re curious about. Geminis love to exchange ideas, too, so blast your friends with fun facts about Houdini once you’ve read approximately five articles about him. (Did you know Houdini and his wife, Bess, had a pet monkey named Satan?!)

Another way to embrace the easy-going, fun-loving energy of Gemini season is to try saying yes to things (earth signs…I know, I know). If a coworker asks you to grab drinks at a rooftop bar, just say yes. Or better yet, you could ask your coworkers to hang out after work sometime! Embrace all the fun that comes your way in the next few weeks, and try not to hold your plans too close to your heart. Sometimes spontaneity can be good, even if you don’t plan for it.

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Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules communication (you’ve probably heard about its retrograde about a 1,000 times by now). Geminis love exchanging ideas and sharing opinions—they LOVE having opinions—so embrace your inner Socrates, encouraging your friends to seek deeper meaning while exploring ideas. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything that deep, but untangling the finale of Game of Thrones or piecing together clues about Taylor Swift’s latest album could be a fun mental exercise for you and your friends during this time.

Above all, Geminis love to have fun. Water signs, so deep-feeling and emotional, could take a few cues from this fun-loving air sign. Fire signs, ready to get shit done at all times, could stand to learn how to do things for the sake of enjoyment rather than accomplishing a goal. And earth signs, rooted, deep and methodical, could stand to be shaken up a bit—to learn from the dynamic and flexible energy that Gemini season brings. Embrace joy this month, and try to let life take you where it may, because Cancer season is next, and every Cancer I’ve met is a sweet yet dramatic crybaby.