Gemini, Your May Horoscope Is Here & You’re Experiencing Déjà Vu

Roya Backlund
Gemini, Your May Horoscope Is Here & You’re Experiencing Déjà Vu
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As this month begins, you may be focusing in on a groundbreaking epiphany, Gemini. After all, your Gemini May 2022 horoscope begins with an introspective journey that really takes off on May 5. As the sun joins forces with Uranus in Taurus, you may feel surprised by what you find when you look deep inside your psyche. In fact, you may have moments of clarity that shift your sense of self and urge you to focus on something deeper.

However, don’t expect a simple answer to your questions. On May 10, Mercury—your ruling planet—will station retrograde in Gemini, sending all of its confusion in your direction. You may not feel sure how you feel and conflicting thoughts may have you questioning who you are. You don’t need a play-by-play, Gemini! Just live in the moment, because you’ll figure it out later. As Jupiter enters your social 11th house on May 10, you may find that many are coming to your aid and your team is stronger than ever. Don’t worry about who you are; worry about who you’re with!

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As a lunar eclipse in Scorpio sends drama to your sixth house of health and routine on May 16, you may find that certain aspects of your lifestyle need to change. In fact, everything you rely on to get through the day will come into question, so choose how you spend your time wisely. Don’t worry about immediate results, because this is not a race.

Things will begin to become more clear by May 20, when the sun enters Gemini and launches your solar return. It’s time to celebrate how badass you really are, because no one has more street cred than you do, Gemini. It may be time to heal your sense of self right at the core, because as Mercury retrogrades back into your dreamy 12th house, you may be forced to purify your inner world and nourish your relationship with your ego. 

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However, all your work will shine through you in the softest glow, because on May 29, you may get a sense of how popular you’ve become. As Mars joins forces with Jupiter, you may feel empowered by the teammates who have signed on to support you in getting the goal. And as a new moon in Gemini sparkles in the sky on May 30, you may feel ready to really look in the mirror and love what you see. Appreciate who you are, because there’s more where that came from!

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