Set Your Sights High, Gemini—Your March Horoscope Predicts Success

Roya Backlund
Set Your Sights High, Gemini—Your March Horoscope Predicts Success
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All your hard work is paying off, and your Gemini March 2022 horoscope shows the result of all your efforts! As the month begins, you’ll zero in on professional goals you can’t stop thinking about when the New Moon in Pisces brings a surge of power to your 10th house of career on March 2. If you can dream it, you can achieve it, so don’t sell yourself short! You’re capable of so much more than you even realize, Gem.

In fact, by March 5, you might feel like success is knocking at your front door! This is when the sun will join forces with Jupiter, bringing you a wealth of opportunities to get your name out there. Take advantage of this energy, because the world is paying attention to you—and you’re attracting so many admirers.

You might even be jet-setting to new destinations by March 6, when Venus and Mars join forces in your ninth house of adventure and wisdom. Embrace your desire to expand your mind and believe in something bigger than yourself! Even if you don’t have all the answers, that doesn’t mean you should stop asking questions.

As the sun joins forces with Neptune in Pisces on March 13, you have every reason to surrender to the journey you’re on and let the universe do its thing. This is a beautiful time to manifest, so radiate the energy you’re trying to attract!

However, by March 18, you may find yourself searching for something that’s comforting and familiar. This is when the Full Moon in Virgo will bring revelations to your fourth house of home and family, shining a revealing light on your personal life. Remember—success in the public eye matters little if you don’t have a beautiful place to return to when times are tough.

By March 28, you’ll feel like things are slowing down. As Venus joins forces with Saturn in Aquarius, you may feel somewhat uninspired, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t learning valuable things as you work through this temporary intellectual block. Remain disciplined, because inspiration doesn’t arrive unless you prove yourself worthy!

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