Gemini, Your July Horoscope Is Full Of Good News For Your Love Life

Gemini, Your July Horoscope Is Full Of Good News For Your Love Life
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You got here just in time, Gemini! Before you make any major decisions this month, pay close attention to your Gemini July 2022 horoscope. This month may involve a minor financial pinch that could make you wish you had prepared for a rainy day. Make sure you leave a stash of cash aside—you know, just in case!

Mercury’s entry into Cancer on July 5, followed by Venus’s strut into Leo on July 17, adds more money to your bank account, ending your financial lull and helping you spend more freely. Use the empowering boost of the full moon in Capricorn on July 13, as it will be a beautiful time to initiate a plan! Set a budget that works for you. When in doubt, have faith in your innate adaptability and resourcefulness. And, if you commit to the financial plan, then in a few weeks, the champagne will be free-flowing once again.

If you’re looking for love, July 17 is an ideal time to start swiping right. Although the pending relationship may not become official until next month, it’s an opportune month to meet people who share similar interests as you and to get your flirt on. The new moon in Leo on July 28 is a magical moment to align online with a new crush with whom who’ll spark a romantic connection. If you’re already in a relationship, then you can expect the partnership to reignite by the passionate flames which brought you together in the first place. July 28 is when you can rediscover each other simply by sharing funny, heart-warming stories about each other’s lives.

Full Moon Affirmations

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The professional sector of your chart is becoming more confusing than ever, sweet Gem. Since Neptune stationed retrograde at the end of June, you’ve been lost in the current direction, possibly rethinking which course you should take. To make matters even more strange, Jupiter retrograde’s moonwalk commences on July 28, which could leave you feeling frustrated with your creative process. Between both planetary retrogrades, you might feel stuck and unable to make moves. The good news? The month comes to an end with a Leo new moon, inspiring you to strike out in a different way and pursue a venture that no one (including you) saw coming. Be open to all possibilities!

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