Gemini, Your July Horoscope Is About Increasing Your Wealth

Roya Backlund
Gemini, Your July Horoscope Is About Increasing Your Wealth
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You may be working through some communication issues as your Gemini July 2021 horoscope begins. On July 6, Venus will oppose Saturn, which may make it difficult for you and your lover to understand where you’re both coming from. Beware of passive aggressive responses, because it might only make the problem worse!

However, you’re definitely building self-esteem as this month continues, especially on July 9 when the new moon bursts through your prideful second house. This will encourage you to get grounded and start appreciating all that you have and all that you’ve built. It’s also a fabulous time to start setting financial goals and improve your nest egg. You deserve to afford all of the luxuries and physical comforts that you desire, Gem!

In fact, you’re approaching a powerful opportunity to talk business and increase your wealth by July 12. When Mercury—your ruling planet—forms a trine with Jupiter, it will help give you the right mindset to manifest your monetary dreams. It’s the perfect time to discuss that raise with your boss! And when the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15, you may feel more imaginative and creative about your career, tempting you to explore more meaningful options.

You may be seeking out more heartfelt interactions by July 21. This is when Venus will enter your emotional fourth house, encouraging you to choose relationships that make you feel safe enough to let down your guard and truly be yourself. And when Leo season begins on July 22, it will activate your social and intellectual third house, tapping into your ability to learn new things and entertain others with your sparkling wit. If there’s ever a time to enjoy being a charismatic Gemini, it’s now!

In fact, you may find your perspective expanding by July 23, when the full moon blasts through your open-minded ninth house. Take a look at everything from a different angle; you might be surprised by what you find.

Luckily, the adventure is just beginning. By the time Jupiter retrogrades back into your ninth house of adventure on July 28, it’s clear that you’re being set up for an August that’s filled with spontaneous opportunities. Grab hold of them!

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