Hey, Gemini: Your July 2020 Horoscope Predicts A Major Commitment

Roya Backlund
Hey, Gemini: Your July 2020 Horoscope Predicts A Major Commitment
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Attention all Geminis, your July 2020 horoscope has arrived! You’re adaptable and resilient, Gemini; it’s what makes you the mutable air sign that you are! That’s why it’s really no big deal that Mercury—your ruling planet—is retrograde until July 12…well, aside from the fact that you’re probably feeling more confused, stressed out and disconnected than ever. But hey, rest assured in the knowledge that you always discover interesting things during this introspective period!

This time, Mercury retrogrades in your second house of finances, so beware of making unnecessary purchases on the fly. Until this retrograde comes to an end, try to save up as much $$$ as you can! Your bank account will thank you later. When a lunar eclipse transforms your intimate eighth house of shared resources on July 5, it may mean that a major commitment is imminent. Whether you’re investing your energy in a project or a person, it’s meant to be. Despite your inherent fear of commitment, you know this is the right move (and it signifies the adult you’re becoming)!

Fortunately, when a new moon in sensitive and heartfelt Cancer lights up your second house of value on July 20, it’s a chance for you to manifest all the money that you desire. Remember: you are worthy of financial freedom! You’re ready to work hard and demand fair compensation for your work! See your bank account fatten up with cash. Envision yourself being able to make all the purchases you’ve dreamed of. But first, you need to believe that you deserve it.

When healing Chiron retrogrades through your 11th house of hopes and wishes starting July 11, this transit will help you remember all the lifelong dreams you’ve forgotten or even given up on. Who told you they were unrealistic? What made you think you could never accomplish them? It’s time to believe in yourself again, Gemini! Your dreams are not silly. They are beautiful and worth fighting for.

Romantic, expressive, and enthusiastic Leo season activates your charismatic third house of communication on July 22. You love to talk, Gemini, and Leo season is the perfect time to engage in long, intellectually-stimulating conversations that last well into the night. Enjoy a few this month!


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