Gemini, Your January Horoscope is All About Breaking Free From the Past

Roya Backlund
Gemini, Your January Horoscope is All About Breaking Free From the Past
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You’re dealing with some difficult stuff, but that’s life, Gemini! Your Gemini January 2022 horoscope is not as light and fluffy as you might hope, but the forecast for the month is designed to make you stronger. On January 2, a new moon will set change in motion by activating your eighth house of transformation. Let go of what’s not your responsibility anymore!

However, letting go is not as simple as it’s made out to be. As Venus continues retrograding through your intimate eighth house until January 28, it’s shining a light on the levels of openness and trust your relationships have. This is an opportunity to reinforce your boundaries, but also to learn where you’re ready to let someone in!

You might feel a dizzying shift by January 14, when Mercury—your ruling planet—stations retrograde in your philosophical ninth house. This retrograde is forcing you to rethink the perspectives and beliefs you live by. Try to keep an open mind! As Mercury re-enters your eighth house of emotional and financial debts on January 25, the ties that still tether you to people from your past may be exposed. You may want to cut a few cords—but you may want to strengthen others.

Although you’ll spend the month thinking about how you connect with others, the Full Moon on January 17 will help you connect with yourself. Sending magic to your second house of stability, this full moon wants you to remember that what’s yours cannot be taken from you. Feel the earth beneath your feet! Embrace the beauty all around you. You are enough, Gem.

As the sun sends excitement to your adventurous ninth house on January 19, you’ll be able to gain some distance from your emotions and look at everything with a more open mind. Difficult times don’t stay difficult forever! And as Mars enters your powerful eighth house on January 24, it will put some pressure on you to do away with what’s causing you harm and lay the groundwork for something with far more potential.

As the month wraps up, Mercury retrograde will hit a breaking point. As it joins forces with Pluto on January 28, it could be the moment you finally say “Enough is enough.” However, make sure you’re really thinking things through instead of making an impulsive decision. You’ve still got 11 months to go!

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