Gemini—Your October Horoscope Is Brimming With Chaos, But it’s Setting You Up For Success

Roya Backlund
Gemini—Your October Horoscope Is Brimming With Chaos, But it’s Setting You Up For Success
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Your Gemini horoscope for October 2022 begins with a bang, because Mercury retrograde is finally coming to an end. Stationing direct on October 2, this will bring clarity to your fourth house of home and family, giving you the encouragement to make water your roots and strengthen your emotional foundation. Can this explain why you’ve felt a it “off” lately? Mercury is your ruling planet, which means this pesky retrograde always has a major impact on you. Have no fear, because the end is nigh and it’s cause for celebration, Gem!

On October 9, a full moon in Aries will bring fire and passion to your 11th house of community, shining a light on the way you work with others as a team. You may feel as though you’re becoming more aligned with certain social circles and ready to respectfully distance yourself from others. Don’t worry if you’re realizing that you feel disconnected at first, because Mercury will enter your fifth house of romance, creativity and self-expression on October 10, encouraging you to lean into whatever makes you feel alive. If you don’t love something, don’t mess with it!

As Mercury opposes Jupiter in your 11th house of hopes and dreams on October 12, you may be coming to terms with your vision for the future. Some may call your ideas impossible; some may find them ambitious. Either way, you have every reason to follow your curiosity and see all the exciting places they take you.

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There may a change to your daily routine by October 25, as a solar eclipse in Scorpio activates your sixth house of customs and rituals. Prepare to understand your health and wellbeing on a more innate level, as you’re gearing up to make changes to the way you nourish and sustain yourself. The sixth house also rules pets, which means you might be in the mood to adopt a furry friend around this time too!

By October 28, a major shift will unfold as Jupiter retrogrades back into your 10th house of career. This could shine a light on all the ways in which you’ve grown in your profession and expanded your reputation. Look back on what you’ve accomplished and feel pride in your journey thus far.

As Mars stations retrograde in Gemini on October 30, you’re bracing yourself for a wildly unpredictable and frustrating month of November. However, you’ll probably feel the effects intensifying all throughout October. Because Mars describes the way you assert yourself, this retrograde may cause you to reexamine the way you act on your harsher emotions and demand respect. Remember—confidence is deep and knowing, not loud, arrogant and demanding.

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