Gemini, Your December Horoscope Is A Relationship Roller Coaster

Roya Backlund
Gemini, Your December Horoscope Is A Relationship Roller Coaster
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You know better than anyone that people change, Gemini. That’s one reason why your Gemini December 2021 horoscope is so interesting! On December 4, a solar eclipse will take your relationships for a spin. You may form a connection with someone new, but you might also be saying goodbye to someone else in the process. You can’t control someone else’s behavior, so don’t bother making any excuses for them!

The drama may reach new heights as of December 13. This is when Mars will increase your desire to argue and compete by infiltrating your seventh house of partnerships. If it feels like you and your loved ones are bickering more than usual, it just means you might have some deeper issues that need addressing! And when a full moon rises in Gemini on December 18, it will shine a light on your need for independence, respect and understanding. Your instinct may be to adapt to someone else’s needs, but this full moon will remind you to stay true to yourself.

If you think all the relationship-related intensity ends there, think again. On December 19, Venus will station retrograde in your eighth house of intimacy, which may make it harder to form a strong connection with someone you’re dating. This retrograde could force you to reexamine the emotional foundation of your relationships, especially as it pertains to the exchange of emotional labor and trust. Once Capricorn season activates your passionate eighth house on December 21, it will encourage you to continue to dig deep. Don’t run away from your emotions, Gemini!

By December 25, you may feel like these emotions are reaching a boiling point as Venus retrograde joins forces with Pluto. This moment is dripping with desire and you may feel a strong attraction to someone; perhaps even someone you don’t want to be attracted to. You may feel nostalgic for ex-lovers during the holidays, but be aware that nostalgia is not always based in reality. Try to resist temptation!

Even though your relationships may feel unpredictable this month, you’re gearing up for a major turning point in your career. On December 28, Jupiter will enter your ambitious 10th house, elevating your status and bringing you plenty of accolades over the course of 2022. Remember—success is always the best revenge!

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