Gemini, Your December Horoscope Is All About Strong Relationships

Roya Backlund
Gemini, Your December Horoscope Is All About Strong Relationships
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You’re not just thinking about yourself this December, Gemini. The month begins with the sun in your partnership-oriented seventh house, making you think about your relationships and how you fit into them. Now’s a beautiful time to nurture your connections and spend quality time with people you want to develop—or already share—a meaningful connection with. Basically, your Gemini December 2020 horoscope has “Best Friends Forever” written all over it!

In fact, when a solar eclipse takes place in your relationship sector on December 14, you’ll get a good idea of who’s meant to be in your life right now. A new relationship might begin; one that has a powerful impact on your growth as a person and brings you closer to your ultimate destiny. Follow your heart and trust what the cosmos have in store, because no relationship is a coincidence right now.

Either way, romantic Venus is infusing your relationships with love as of December 15. You’re a  natural social butterfly, Gemini, and you’re used to working a crowd or charming a party. However, now will be the time to make one-on-one plans with your loved ones so that you can build special and unique relationships. Time to create some new inside jokes together!

By December 21, you’ll be in a more serious, emotional mood when Capricorn season activates your intense eighth house of rebirth. The end of the month emphasize accepting what you’ve outgrown and paving the way for a regenerative period. After all, you can’t grow unless you’re willing to shed your old skin first!

This transformation might also make you reconsider where your faith lies. Committed Saturn and inspired Jupiter will form a Great Conjunction in your ninth house of wisdom, causing you to rethink everything you thought you knew. Now will be the time to question your beliefs and value systems. Make sure your perspective is opening your world instead of keeping it closed shut.

A full moon on December 29 will remind you to stay grounded. Sending magic to your second house of self-worth, this full moon is about acknowledging everything you’ve earned and everything you’ve built. It’s a reminder that you have so much control over your reality—make the most of that power, Gem.

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