Gemini, Your August Horoscope Includes The Sexiest Portion Of Your Summer

Roya Backlund
Gemini, Your August Horoscope Includes The Sexiest Portion Of Your Summer
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Everyone knows how much you love to talk! And lucky for you, your Gemini August 2021 horoscope shows that you’ll be chatting up a storm this month. On August 8, a new moon will buzz in your third house of communication, encouraging you to harness your voice, listen to others and learn through intellectual discourse. Your opinions may change, your stubborn perspectives may be challenged, but all that matters is that you don’t give up on your search for the truth.

You may find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance by August 9. This is when Venus will oppose Neptune, which could leave you feeling confused about your career goals and more interested in staying safely in your comfort zone.

While this may leave you feeling energetically drained, you have so much to look forward to once Venus enters your romantic fifth house on August 16, launching you through the sexiest portion of your summer. Prepare to flirt with cuties, look your hottest and fall madly in love with life!

However, by August 18, your focus may drift over to your personal life as Mercury and Mars join forces in your fourth house of home and family. This could bring emotional tensions to the surface, encouraging you to finally release pent-up frustrations. Be thoughtful when navigating conflict! Conversations will become even more significant by August 19, when the sun opposes Jupiter, egging you on to dig for deeper facts and spill the deets. Indulge in your desire for knowledge, Gem!

A full picture of what you’re going through will come together by August 22. As a full moon rushes through your open-minded and adventurous ninth house, you will be encouraged to take a step back and consider various perspectives. You can learn so much, so long as you’re willing to take a leap of faith!

Embrace your need to explore the great beyond, because Venus season begins on August 22, activating your homebody fourth house and tapping into your need for comfort and familiarity. After all that mid-month flirting, there’s nothing wrong with spending the rest of your summer curled up on the couch enjoying quality time with your closest loved ones!

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