Gemini, Your 2021 Horoscope Proves The Work You Put In Last Year Will Pay Off Big-Time

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Gemini, Your 2021 Horoscope Proves The Work You Put In Last Year Will Pay Off Big-Time
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2020 is the year you really stepped up your game, Gemini! After all, the North Node entered your zodiac sign last year, pushing you to embrace a more evolved version of your identity. As Venus retrograded through your first house of the self, you spent the year sorting through self-esteem issues, coming out of it with a deeper love for yourself. It’s been hard, but it’s also been so gratifying, and your Gemini 2021 horoscope is the sequel to this next chapter of your life.


Your love life is an emotional rollercoaster this year, Gem! During late May and early June, a solar and lunar eclipse will activate your partnership sector, forcing you to embrace the relationships you truly deserve. By late September, Mercury—your ruling planet—will retrograde through your romantic fifth house, creating a little drama in your love life and possibly reuniting you with an old flame.

Another lunar eclipse by mid-December will leave you with a sense of closure, encouraging you to let go of a relationship cycle you’re finally ready to leave behind. It’s for the best, babe.


2021 is a beautiful year to expand your goals and dominate the field. Between May and July, Jupiter will transit your tenth house of career, sending you opportunities you’ve worked so hard for and giving you quite an ambitious mindset. However, you might also feel confused about who you are and where you’re meant to be going when Mercury retrogrades through Gemini during late May and June.

As the fateful eclipses drag you toward destiny during the middle of the year—and then again at the end of the year—major changes could take your career in a completely unexpected direction.

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The North Node continues to travel through your first house of the self this year, really pushing you to step up to the plate and become the adult you know you can be. You’re not a little kid anymore and you’re ready to let your higher self be your guide.

2021 is also when Saturn and Jupiter will redesign your ninth house of wisdom and perspective, forcing you to grapple with your belief systems. You might spend the year returning to school and expanding your horizons. You might even embark on an adventure that shows you a different world. Get ready for growth, Gemini!

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