Gear Up Shoppers, The Barneys Warehouse Sale Is Heading Online

Liz Doupnik

screen shot 2012 07 19 at 1 08 21 pm Gear Up Shoppers, The Barneys Warehouse Sale Is Heading OnlineFor those of us who are brave lucky enough to visit the Barneys Warehouse Sale, we’ve braved flying elbows and stilettos to score some major deals on designer items. Although it can feel like an all-out brawl, we’ve gotten our warehouse shopping secrets down to a near science. Apparently though, we may not have to employ said tactics any longer.

Whether you hate venturing into mayhem or simply don’t live in NYC, Barneys has got you covered come August. Launching the first warehouse sale online, we’re super eager to see how deals will compare to the in-store offerings and if there will be a noticeable difference in how many shoppers will be visiting the physical sale versus the website (if it allows avoiding that lunchtime rush, we’re all for it!)

We hope that Barneys has taken notes from Target and other retail sites that have crashed in the past due to the influx of avid shoppers, we’re sure it’s going to be close to an online stampede.