This Cool New Hanger Will Change The Way You Hang Up Clothes

Meghan Blalock

If we’re being totally honest here, we don’t always hang up our clothes. And since we work in fashion and still at times find ourselves too lazy to do this most basic of wardrobe caretaking, we’re willing to wager a bet that many other folks out there experience the same thing. And U.K.-based home goods brand Gazel seems to know this is the case as well–they just launched a brand-new type of hanger that they claim will inject a “flicker of joy” into hanging up your clothes. (Yes, really.)

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GazelHanger cropped

Photos Courtesy of Core77

Here’s their relatively simple idea: hanging up clothes is usually a two-handed process that, though seemingly inconsequential, can actually be quite laborious and annoyingly awkward to deal with it. The designers figured that by making the process more elegant and fun, people would be encouraged to hang their clothes up more often. Here’s a handy-dandy step-by-step photographic description of how it works:


As you can see, the main goal of the hanger’s cool design is to prevent stretching out necklines when you’re hanging shirts. They’re a bit more pricey than your average clothing hangers—$41 for a set of three—but you never know just how valuable this new experience might be when it comes to hanging up your most prized possessions!

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