Jean-Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke Show Off Their New Tattoos

Susie G

jean paul gaultier diet coke coca cola light1 Jean Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke Show Off Their New Tattoos

Debuting via Twitter this morning, French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier revealed his latest bottle design for his collaboration series with Diet Coke, featuring an homage to tattoos.

“Et voilà! Inspired by my love of body art, here is the third #CocaLightJPG bottle!,” stated JPG’s tweet. This new Diet Coke (or Coca-Cola Light, as it is referred to in some other parts of the world) bottle features a flesh-colored background with tattoo designs in the shape of a woman’s body. There’s no doubt that the new design is giving us a Tommy Lee-esque rock ‘n roll vibe.

This is the third design from Gaultier’s collaboration with Coca-Cola, as a part of the “Night & Day” series, and is now available throughout Europe. But if you’re in the States like us, maybe you can hit up one of your old contacts via Facebook from your study abroad days, and see if they wouldn’t mind FedEx’ing a few bottles your way —  just a thought.

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