Garmentory’s Exclusive Summer Capsule Is a Minimalist’s Dreams

Lauren Caruso
Garmentory’s Exclusive Summer Capsule Is a Minimalist’s Dreams
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Photo: Courtesy of Garmentory

Even if you don’t already know Garmentory by name, you’ve certainly bookmarked at least one of the hundreds of modern, Instagram-famous brands it houses like Ajaie Alaie, Ilana Kohn, VereVerto, or Lykke Wolf. Yep—we’re talking about that super-chic leather fanny pack that 2011-you would have cringed at, or the head-to-toe rust outfit that’s been making the rounds on the ‘gram this past week. Basically, Garmentory is home to every look that’s made you stop in your tracks in recent memory.

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And this week, the site launched its exclusive summer capsule collection, and just as you’d imagine, it’s filled with 150-plus awesome pieces that looks like they’ve spent the past two or so decades hanging out in a super-cool vintage store—and we mean that in the best way. Even better? We whittled down the lookbook to our favorite 17 shots—and annotated it.

Ahead, the best indie pieces to shop from Garmentory’s summer capsule collection, plus more than a dozen warm-weather styling tips we learned from the lookbook.


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See that center knot? Yea, you're about to see that a lot—and it's a great way to make a baggy tee look more fitted.

ALR Cotton Tee, $65; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Swap out a belt for a v chic fanny pack. Yes, we're serious.

VereVerto Deco Belt Bag, $340; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Let your jeans fall all the way to the floor for a relaxed, too-cool vibe.

Alexa Stark Woven Denim Tank, $286; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

A matching pattern makes a baggy shorts and crop top look instantly put-together.

The General Public Boxy Crop Top, $105; at Garmentory; The General Public Lounge Shorts, $84; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

This majorly flattering co-ord set proves rust is totally a warm-weather color. 

Ajaie Alaie Transitional Top, $96; at Garmentory; Ajaie Alaie Transitional Skirt, $160; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Swap out your bodysuit or crop top for a chic, cut-out one-piece bathing suit.

Priory Wen Pant, $194; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Channel Alexa Chung's insouciance with a half-tuck.

Seek Collective Jynne Top, $218; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Swap out your blazer for a breezy, open button-down.

Botanica Workshop Linder Convertible Slip, $198; at Garmentory; Waltz Long Skirt, $270; a Garmentory


Photo: Garmentory

This is our version of a summer power suit.

Lauren Winter Tie Blazer, $190; at Garmentory; Lauren Winter Wide Pant, $190; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Get extra coverage by paring a tee under a bra-top.

Waltz Bralette Top, $270; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

See? Denim on denim doesn't have to read "Canadian Tuxedo."

Lykke Wullf Bustier Top, $130; at Garmentory; Alexa Stark Denim Ruffle Dress, $300; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Swap your strapless bra out for a bikini top and you'll be perpetually beach-ready.

Lindsay Robinson Clay Dress, $245; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Here's proof that black can be summer-appropriate.

Index Series Annecy Wrap Slip Dress; $264; at Garmentory


Photo: Garmentory

Go blue on white on blue on white.

Evens Wool Top, $198; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Get matchy-matchy with a watercolor co-ord set for a summery look.

Strathcona Camisole and Shorts Set, $180; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Make a matching set feel day-to-night-ready by pairing it with colorful heels.

Maria Dora Frill Wide Leg Pant, $580; at Garmentory; Maria Dora Boy Jacket Cardigan, $580; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

Match your minimalist outfit to your maximalist earrings.

Eleven Six Mia Sweater, $225; at Garmentory; Hannah Kristina Metz Cropped Pant; $198; at Garmentory; Julie Thevenot One of a Kind Earrings. $345; at Garmentory

Photo: Garmentory

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