Gareth Pugh talks about fatherly advice from Rick Owens via Nancy Reagan while at his studio in a brand new video clip.

Gareth Pugh’s Best Tip He Got From Rick Owens: Just Say No

Susie G

gareth pugh art basel1 Gareth Pughs Best Tip He Got From Rick Owens: Just Say NoBefore avant garde designer Gareth Pugh became a big deal in the fashion world, he was just one of many struggling artists in East London’s creative community, trying to make ends meet without giving up doing what he loves to do.

It didn’t take long for Gareth Pugh to be taken under Rick Owens’ wing, first starting out as an intern for the American-born, Paris-based macabre designer. Now, after making a name for himself, Pugh’s relationship with Rick and his wife Michelle can be more described as a “distant, stern father figure” and “the overgenerous mother,” Pugh stated in a 2011 interview with VICE.

In a recent video clip where the folks over at CraneTV head to Pugh’s studio for visit, he gets to share with the camera some fatherly advice that he once got from Rick: “The best thing Rick ever told me was to learn how to say ‘no’. [Chuckles] Translates to a lot of different problems, and life circumstances. He kind of means by saying that you need time to be able to think, ’cause sometimes there are more important things than work.”

Word, Gareth. Word. We know you’ve probably been proposed with tons of super commercial opportunities that might have downplayed your artistic integrity. That’s why we couldn’t imagine seeing you selling out, even though you have been on a roll recently with those collaborative product lines with Melissa Shoes and MAC Cosmetics.

Both are totes great concepts, but we just hope we don’t catch the Gareth Pugh name stamped onto anything associated with Hot Topic–shivers.

Watch the entire video of Gareth Pugh chatting up about Rick, how he got into fashion and his latest partnership with Wayne McGrego for the choreographer’s Carbon Life dance performance at the Royal Opera House in London down below: