Gareth Pugh: Paris Designer Won’t Succeed McQueen


Image: The Fashion Cult

Since Alexander McQueen’s tragic death at the start of New York Fashion Week on February 11, much speculation has been made as to what will become of the late designer’s eponymous label. Would Gucci Group still show his highly anticipated Fall 2010 collection on the runway in Paris? Would they even continue the Alexander McQueen label at all? And if so, who would take his place as the creative lead?

One of the rumors circling the fashion industry was that avant-garde designer Gareth Pugh would be taking the helm of McQueen’s label, which some thought fitting seeing as both McQueen and Pugh have been recognized more for their daring designs than their ability to turn a profit at retail. The Telegraph UK, however, reported that Pugh will, in fact, not be following in McQueen’s footsteps as the brand’s Creative Director.

Instead, the last collection designed by Alexander McQueen for his eponymous label will reportedly be shown on March 9 and 10 at Paris Fashion Week, in a private presentation and memorial that will exclude any media photographers. While we’re, of course, disappointed with the exclusivity of the talented designer’s final show, it seems the most respectful way to put an end to such an iconic fashion label. We’re grateful at least that media will be presented with images of the looks from the collection– but while we’re not sure what could possibly top the shoes that came down McQueen’s runway last fall, we know if anyone has the ability to surprise us, it’s definitely Alexander McQueen.

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