Garance Dore Thinks New York Women are Too Skinny

Kerry Pieri

I check in on Garance’s site every so often for photos of perfect Parisian chicks that make me feel not cool at all. I happen to think Parisian girls have the whole being perfect thing down. Parisian lady by way of New York, Garance Dor, on the other hand, thinks New York ladies are, like, really skinny.

The illustrator took to her blog to say, “The women in fashion in New York, they’re not just skinny. They’re New York skinny. New York skinny means thin to the brink, yet muscly from Pilates because it gives you those super long lean muscles.”

There are definitely the Core Fusion/ Soul Cycle chicks who work out like it’s their religion, but I’d hardly say it’s the norm.

Garancegot on the subject because she apparently gained weight since moving in with her BF, which she attributed to large portion sizes and hormones in food in New York. I happen to think the nicest restaurants give you tiny portions, but maybe she’s hanging out somewhere else, like TGI Fridays in Union Square? Also, New Yorkers, she claims, dine out more, “Yes, Parisians will just let it all go ten times more when they go out. But they’re 10 times less likely to go out as well. And in Paris, no take out… You cook. In New York, your social life happens outside the house. You have meals out. The only time I “cooked” since I got to New York, it was to make crepes to show just how French I was, ” Dor explains.

The GF of the Sartorialist continues, “I feel like there wasn’t that same pressure in Paris, That isn’t to say that Paris is a paradise of health and self-acceptance, but just that it’s less about extremes.” It sounds like maybe someone is making excuses for gaining a few lbs. I know when I go to Paris I pack in the croissants because they’re not available to me all the time.

So, maybe she has some points, or maybe she’s just feeling badly about a rounding out middle, but I don’t know if New York women are more obsessed with their weight than Parisian women. Let’s just say women are obsessed with their weight and call it day, OK?