Garance Doré: ‘Heels Don’t Make Sense During Fashion Week’

Meghan Blalock

It happens every single year during February: New York Fashion Week descends upon the Big Apple at nearly approximately the same time a giant snowstorm does. This year is no exception: The city of New York is currently experiencing the wrath of Winter Storm Nika, expected to last until 6 p.m. this evening—just in time for the first big parties to kick off.

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But what’s more notable to us is that despite this insanely bad weather, most people still wear heels. And not reasonable ones either; we’re talking open-toed, six-inch stilettos, or crazier. Everyone from street style stars and bloggers to big-time editors and stylists can be spotted teetering around the city in shoes that are all but impossible to jump over snow mounds in.

But there’s at least one big name who refuses to fall victim to the urge to wear heels: photographer, stylist, and general vivant Garance Doré. At the presentation for the Spring 2014 collection of Maison Jules—the line she phototgraphs for Macy’s—she dished on what’s what when it comes to NYFW shoe choices.

“Flats, because of the crazy weather,” the Paris native told StyleCaster. “I’m wearing heels tonight, but I took a car. I’m pretty reasonable with stuff like that. When I started going to Fashion Week, I was like, oh it’s fine, I’m going to spend the whole day in heels! But now I’m more organized.”

“It’s all about: What message are you going to send?,” she said. “The desperate girl who’s walking in the snow in open-toed shoes—it doesn’t make sense to me. Being chic is also being adapted to your environment. The people who are around you, the weather. To me, that’s more elegant.”

Well-spoken, and we couldn’t agree more!

MAISON JULES SS14 Presentation

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