Garance Dore Calls Out Anna Wintour & Lauren Santo Domingo


There are plenty of reasons to love the quirky, witty street style blogger Garance Dor, one of them being that she tells it like it is. Since the French photographer spends so much of her time among the fashion industry elite, it’s not surprising that she’s picked up on their commonly used slang and secret code words. On her blog today, Garance helps us to decode the bizarre language that is fashion-speak, but not without sneaking in a few criticisms and call-outs.

For instance, if a fashion person tells you, “Oh wow, you look so healthy,” he or she really means, “Is that a muffin top thats about to pop out of your jeans?” Inversely, if you compliment an industry insider on her outfit and she replies, “This sweater? Oh, I borrowed it from my daughter,” it’s simply the less-smug way of saying, “And thats how skinny I am.”

While Garance’s generalities are both entertaining and spot-on, her direct jabs are so much better. First up is Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo, who has proudly announced on multiple occasions that she never washes her own hair.

If I were an elegant lady in my early 80?s living, say, in Dallas, this would be the best blow-out ever = My name is Lauren Santo Domingo and I know exactly how to talk to my hairdresser. And I share it with my followers!

As a grand finale, she takes a less-than-subtle dig at Anna Wintour.

Ive had the same haircut for 55 years now, and I dont think Ill be changing anytime soon. = Im so important, Im like my own brand. And Im my own logo. No no no, shhhh. Relax. Im not for sale: I work in fashion.

Do you find Garance’s observations endearing, or do they make her sound as snooty as the people she’s criticizing?

Photo by Scott Schuman