Garance Doré Loves Kim Kardashian & Her Red Soles

Spencer Cain

Diehard Parisian fashion freak and blogger/illustratorGarance Dor is known for her outspoken nature and opinions, which are often critical of American culture. Just a few weeks ago, she took to her blog to address the difference between “New York skinny” and “Paris skinny.” What, you may wonder, does this even mean? According to Garance, “The women in fashion in New York, they’re not just skinny. They’re New York skinny. New York skinny means thin to the brink, yet muscly from Pilates because it gives you those super long lean muscles.”Okay then. I’m pretty sure the ladies of Paris are pretty weight-obsessed too, but whatever.

Anyway, today Garance posted a gorgeous illustration on her blog of a pair of studded Louboutin Pigalles with the trademark red soles featured prominently. Below the drawing, she describes her on-and-off love affair with the iconic shoe designer’s work. At first, like many of us, she was blown away by the sophisticated and chic designs, and thought the red sole was a “super great idea.” However, as she began to see them more and more on runways, she began to lose respect for the brand. What really broke the straw on the camel’s back was when she sawKim Kardashian constantly tooling about town, red soles peeping out from underneath six inch stilettos. Last week, forced to stay inside due to the hurricane, Garance found herself glued to a Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon, and ended up “falling in love” with Kim. Now she doesn’t mind that she wears the Pigalle!

Garance makes some fascinating points in this piece, although it is shakily translated from French. While the red soles have become a status symbol and are mainstays on the red carpet, does this take away from the quality and design of the shoe? My answer is no. Louboutin’s beautiful shoes will always stand in a class of their own, despite how overpopulated the market may be. That said, in the tradition of weird friendships that we have discussed this week, I would love to see some Garance – Kim bonding.

Image viaGarance Dor