The New ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8

"Game of Thrones"
Photo: HBO.

Update: March 5, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. EST

BUM BUM BADA DUM BUM…can you hear the Game of Thrones theme song? It will be stuck in our heads from now until the final season premiere on April 14th. But now you can enjoy the Game of Thrones season 8 trailer videoAnd it is EPIC! There is so much happening, so many of our favorite characters (and our favorite characters to hate) are featured. But, in typical GOT fashion, they aren’t revealing any major plot points. There are some clues in the trailer that tell us what’s happening. So let’s dive in.

The opening of this new trailer features Arya running from something—we don’t know what or who. She is breathing very heavily and her head is bloodied. Clearly she’s in trouble. It then quickly shows a shot of Davos, Jon’s right hand man, as we hear Arya’s voiceover: “I know death,” she says. We see her again—bloodier.

A shot of Varys appears. He is a skilled manipulator who has now *SPOILER* pledged his allegiance to Daenerys, serving as her Master of Whisperers. So far, we’re seeing the faces of men helping the potential future King and Queens. Cut to another shot of Arya in a different situation, holding an object, saying “I look forward to seeing this one.” Clearly, the girl with no name (but it’s Arya) has a new mission.

We see a shot of Cersei, still rocking the cropped hair look and smug expression of pure confidence she will take the throne. And then the most epic shot of all? Khalessi riding horseback wearing a fierce coat as strikingly white as her hair. And who’s with her? Jon freaking Snow, people! The last time we saw these two they were—ahem, wearing a bit less clothing. And NOW LOOK AT THEM.

got trailer jon snow daeynerys The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8


They are the ultimate duo. But based on GOT history, it won’t be a happy ending for them. So we’re a bit wary. We’re kind of being set up for failure, don’t you think? But honestly, it’s kind of worth it just to see these two together, surrounded by the ever-faithful Unsullied.

And of course—the shot we were all waiting for—DRAGONS. Sansa Stark watches as two dragons fly over her head with a look that reads as hesitant optimism and complete awe to us. This is probably the first moment she’s seeing the dragon. Damn. Can you imagine that thing flying over your head?

got trailer sansa stark dragon 1 The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8


Does this mean the dragons have reached the north? It looks like they’re in Winterfell! Oh shiiiit.

We then hear Jon Snow’s soothing voice say, with a compelling mix of fear and determination: “They’re coming.” We assume he’s referencing these guys:

white walkers The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8


We then see quick cuts of some of our favorite heroes. With the death of Tommen, House Baratheon is thought to be completely extinct. But we’re given a little glimpse of Gendry (the unacknowledged bastard of Robert Baratheon). Could he be gunning for the throne too? It wouldn’t necessarily fit his personality to fight for the throne for himself—we’re pretty sure he’ll be on the good guy’s side, though.

got trailer The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8


There’s a steamy make-out shot between the Unsullied leader Grey Worm and Missandel, Khalessi’s trusted advisor and handmaiden. Jamie Lannister is spotted swinging his sword in a huge battle, surrounded by fire. (Fire from the dragons, perhaps? We shall see.) That’s followed by a close-up of Cersei—holding a glass of red wine, as usual—sporting her classic poker face but with a few tears in her eyes.

cersei got trailer The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8


Has she lost someone close to her? Is she losing the battle? Or perhaps those are happy tears? Though she’s not one for showing much joy, TBH. There’s a lip quiver so we’re pretty sure it’s not good, whatever it is she’s reacting to.

Jamie then nobly says to someone off screen, “I promised to fight for the living. I intend to keep that promise.” Maybe they ALL join forces to fight the White Walkers. (Those who don’t 100% end up dead.) What worries me is the shot at 1:21 of Jon Snow— seemingly alone—running for his life (or perhaps to someone?). OMG. Is Daenerys in trouble? Who knows. But this moment seems pretty important.

jon snow got The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8


This is probably the most badass shot we’ve ever seen. Like, ever. In the entire history of the show:

got epic photo jon snow daenerys The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8


And then, in the last few seconds of the trailer—we seem them. The Unsullied, with Brienne of Tarth, Gendry and Jorah facing…The Dead.

white walker got trailer The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here & It Has So Many Clues for Season 8


Here we go people!! Buckle up. We’re in for a bumpy ride come April. Watch the new trailer below:

Original story: December 19, 2018 at 4:15 p.m. EST

Like winter, Game of Thrones season 8 is coming. But before we tune in to watch the end of one of the most popular (and dragon-filled) shows on TV, we have a lot of questions left to answer, like: When does it premiere? Who will live and who will die? Is it really the end? And is Jon Snow really Daenerys’s nephew? (Gross.) We don’t have the answer to everything, but what we do know is that the Game of Thrones season 8 trailer is here, and it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen.

OK. Before everyone becomes too excited, the promo video doesn’t actually feature the characters. Instead, it includes several of Game of Thrones‘ most passionate celebrity fans, including Jimmy Kimmel (aka Jimmy of House Kimmel), Kristin Chenoweth (aka Lady Kristin of House Chenoweth), Aaron Rodgers (aka Lord Aaron of House Rodgers) and T-Pain (aka Sir T of House of Pain) talking about their love for the HBO show and recapping its past seven seasons. “Here’s the storyline in 280 characters. There’s an iron throne. People want it,” Rodgers says in the video.

As random as these celebrities might seem, it’s no coincidence that they were chosen to promote the show’s eighth and final season. T-Pain is known to live-tweet the show, while Rodgers has called Daenerys Targaryen his favorite character. “What I’ve done for the throne is to be loyal,” T-Pain says in the video. “I named one of my albums The Iron Way.”

And though the promo didn’t include any of the show’s actors, three Game of Thrones cast members—Maisie Williams (who plays Arya Stark), Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark) and Kit Harington (who plays Jon Snow)—did make an appearance in a second promo, telling fans to rewatch the series so they can be prepared for its upcoming final season. “If you want to know what the hell is going on, you’ve got seven great seasons of TV to catch up on. You better get started,” Harington says in the video.

Well, you heard the man. Time to binge. Game of Thrones season 8 premieres April 2019.