All the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Memes You Didn’t Know You Needed

Jon Snow.
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The eighth and finale season of HBO’s fantasy series is well underway. And *spoilers ahead* though there have been no severe fatalities so far, no one is safe. But there’s still been some great show content. Here are all the Game of Thrones season 8 memes that have surfaced since the season began. Episode 3 is sure to bring one of the most epic battles we’ve in the history of GOT. It will be the first true battle between the living and then undead. Winter. Is. HERE. And the white walkers are out for blood…? Or Bran…?…Or, well…something! The first two episodes of this season brought us *many* reunions, and honestly, some pretty hysterical moments between sveral of the cast members who have never interacted. AKA that scene by the fire with Tyrion, Jamie, Brienne of Tarth, Tormund, Davos. (The various looks they all exchanged when Tormund told his giant-killing-wife-sucking story (what was that?) were unreal.) It was truly some of the best subtle comedy we’ve seen from this show.

Tormund—in our opinion—has had the best one liners in the show so far. When he turned around (after making it to Winterfell, reuniting with Jon and informing him that they only have until just before sunrise to prepare for the White Walkers’ arrival) to ask, “The big woman here?” We lost it. Truly lost it. AKA replayed it like, seven times. (It’s 27 minutes and 47 seconds into episode 2 for anyone who wants to relive that moment.) He’s also a super meme-able character. Let’s take a look at all the greatest GOT memes that have appeared on social media so far.

 All the Game of Thrones Season 8 Memes You Didnt Know You Needed

The Funny Introvert/Instagram.

So let’s start with everyone’s fav.


His love for Brienne of Tarth is a meme unto itself.

And then when he explained the story behind his nickname “Giantsbed” and NO ONE understood what the EFF he was trying to say.

And thanks to this one fan—a summary of all the best Brienne/Tormund moments throughout GOT history set to a horrible rendition of “My Heart Will Go On.”


This boy has been the source of so many memes this season… because WHAT is he doing? We have so many questions.

Jamie and Bran’s reunion in season 8 episode 1. 

Please watch all the way through for the full impact.

The one thing we’re thankful for is his ~stare~.

When it’s going to be just Theon and Bran against the Night King and his white walkers.

This might be the best one yet.

And lastly…this fundraiser page to get Bran out of the courtyard where he seems to be stuck.

Jon Snow

Learning His True Identity.

Dealing with the weight of his position.

Jon and Dany

(Before they knew they were related).


The passive aggressive relationship between Dany and Sansa. AWK.

When she found out Jon’s true identity

When she was called out for *a bit* of hypocrisy.


When she decided the one thing she wanted to do before dying was to get. it. on.

Cersei’s a Queen

Her fascination with elephants.

Podrick Singing

Brienne of Tarth Being Knighted

Basically the Whole Show Summed Up

Others You Just Have to See.


Well, that was fun. But in all seriousness, we’re in for a ROUGH Sunday night this weekend. No way is GOT gonna let us get away with no deaths halfway through the season. We will likely lose many characters, and we aren’t prepared yet! Enjoy the happy-go-lucky memes while they last.