George R.R. Martin Says We Will See A Familiar Family In the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel

Game of Thrones.
Photo: Image: HBO.

Things have been sort of quiet on the GoT front since the series finale aired to mixed reviews on May 19. Now, George R.R. Martin just confirmed the Game of Thrones’ prequel will have House Stark, so fans don’t have to go too long without the wonderful world of Westeros. In fact, filming is well underway for the pilot episode and is set to dig deep into the history of the fantasy land we know so well. The series will take place a whopping 5,000 years before the events in Game of Thrones took place. Needless to say, none of the cast will be the same because—impossible. (Although…could the Red Woman possibly make an appearance? Just a thought. But if anyone could have been alive 5,000 years ago it would most definitely be her, just sayin’.)

The fact that the Stark family will be in the Game of Thrones prequel is pretty exciting news, and we can’t wait to see the Arya equivalent from 5,000 years ago because you know that Stark spunk runs through their bloodline.

Showrunner Jane Goldman is off in Northern Ireland working on production for the prequel. While she’s away, Martin had a chat with Entertainment Weekly to explain what fans can expect to see in the untitled upcoming series. “The Starks will definitely be there,” Martin told EW. And it definitely makes sense that this would be the one family for sure included in the history of Westeros because they descended from the First of Men. They’ve been around a long time. Though the family will be the same, Martin says that the world of Westeros won’t look the same as the one we’ve come to know:

We talk about the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros; there were Seven Kingdoms at the time of Aegon’s Conquest. But if you go back further then there are nine kingdoms, and 12 kingdoms, and eventually, you get back to where there are a hundred kingdoms — petty kingdoms — and that’s the era we’re talking about here.

The prequel will begin to show viewers how the world of the seven kingdoms came into existence. While the Starks are in existence, many of the other “famous” houses from GOT won’t be present yet.

“The Lannisters aren’t there yet, but Casterly Rock is certainly there; it’s like the Rock of Gibraltar,” Martin said. “It’s actually occupied by the Casterlys — for whom it’s still named after in the time of Game of Thrones.”

The prequel remains untitled at the moment, though The Longest Night has been thrown out as a possibility. This, of course, refers to the first winter that the White Walkers emerged. We don’t have a release date yet either but we’re guessing it’ll be within the next year or so. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long.