A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel Is Officially Coming To HBO—Yes, For Real This Time

Kim Wong-Shing
Daenerys Targaryen
Photo: HBO.

Did you think that the Game of Thrones saga was over for good? Haha, never! A new Game of Thrones spinoff is coming to HBO, and it sounds like everything fans have ever dreamed of.

If you’re having a confusing déja vu moment, that’s likely because there was already a completely separate Game of Thrones spinoff planned for HBO. That series was tentatively called Bloodmoon, and it was set 10,000 years in Westeros’ past. It was supposed to star the likes of Naomi Watts and Miranda Richardson, and George R.R. Martin worked on the script, so naturally, people were very excited about it. But after HBO filmed a pilot, “The Long Night,” they opted not to move forward with the project. Cue sobbing.

But that wasn’t the only Game of Thrones prequel in the works. There was also a second one, announced earlier this year, that follows the 150-year history of the Targaryen dynasty in Westeros.

Just a few hours after news broke that the first prequel was being scrapped, it was announced that the second prequel is officially on its way. It even has an official title: House of the Dragon. Unlike the scrapped prequel, this one is actually based on published George R.R. Martin books, namely Fire & Blood. And unlike the scrapped prequel, this one has been ordered straight to series—so, no more disappointment.

With so many great stories from Targaryen history to pull from, it’s clear that HBO sees this new series as a surefire success—which is why, unlike the original prequel, House of the Dragon is getting made sight unseen.

As with “The Long Night,” Martin is co-creating this series. Ryan Condal (Colony) is in charge of the script. Miguel Sapochnik—the man who happens to have directed some of the best Game of Thrones episodes—will direct the pilot and additional episodes.

Basically, all signs point to the fact that people are about to just as obsessed with this show as they were with the original GoT.