The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast Tried to Warn Us About Season 8 All Along

Aramide Tinubu
Jamie Lannister
Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO.

Westeros is in shambles, and so is our beloved series. If you’ve been watching GoT during this last and final season, then you know it’s a mess. But has the Game of Thrones cast disclosed their Season 8 disappointment from the beginning? If you’ve been paying attention at all–you’ve seen how much the final season of #demThrones has imploded on itself. Despite the hard work of the cast and crew–the storylines and character development are rushed and confusing. For a show that has spent nearly a decade bringing us to these final moments, it’s been pretty disappointing to watch. Fans are so annoyed that they’ve started a petition for a redo of the season.

There’s a reason why Season 8 of Game of Thrones is a hot mess. Creators and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were offered more money and more episodes if they wanted to extend the final season beyond six measly episodes, but they declined.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Weiss revealed, “[HBO] said, ‘We’ll give you the resources to make this what it needs to be.” Benioff added, “HBO would have been happy for the show to keep going, to have more episodes in the final season. We always believed it was about 73 hours, and it will be roughly that. As much as they wanted more, they understood that this is where the story ends.”

Apparently, D&D are tired of the Thrones and they want to move on to their new projects, Star Wars and Confederate (which absolutely nobody or their mama asked for).


Though we never expected everyone to LOVE the Game of Thrones series finale, D&D seem to know that they didn’t quite give it 100%. Weiss told EW, “We’ll be in an undisclosed location, turning off our phones and opening various bottles. At some point, if and when it’s safe to come out again, somebody like [HBO’s GoT publicist Mara Mikialian] will give us a breakdown of what was out there without us having to actually experience it.” Benioff added, “I plan to be very drunk and very far from the internet.”


D&D wrote every single episode for the last season of GoT–so perhaps that’s why it’s so lackluster. In fact, during their press rounds–the cast who is contractually obligated to say nice things about the series, looked pained when they were asked about the final outcome.

Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow called it flat out “disappointing”–but we’re hoping he was low-key joking.

Meanwhile, Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister, looked beyond grim.

Did y’all catch that face Emilia Clarke made?

We’re not ready.