Bran Is Extra Evil According to This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory, But We Knew That Already

Aramide Tinubu
Bran Stark
Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO.

Oh, Brandon Stark–what can we say. Little Bran was so adorable and innocent until be became the Three-Eyed Raven. Now, a new Game of Thrones theory suggests Bran is evil AF–but we already knew that he was the worst. Since he literally let Hodor die, and he could barely muster up the energy to thank Meera for dragging him across Westeros, Bran has been a garbage person.

We know that Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven which makes him all fancy and whatnot because he knows and sees everything, but he couldn’t even be happy about seeing his siblings again when they all reunited in Winterfell. It seems like Bran may have been evil this entire time.

This theory implies that it wasn’t really Daenerys Targaryen destroying King’s Landing on her own–it was Bran warging into Drogon and setting everything ablaze without Dany’s consent. First and foremost–Bran has given us creep vibes since he arrived back in Winterfell. He’s always outside in the frigid cold lurking, and no one really knows what he’s up too. We literally cackle just thinking about how he waited outside all day for Jamie Lannister’s arrival before The Battle of Winterfell.

Also, for someone who allegedly sees and knows everything–he couldn’t be bothered to warn Dany that Euron was going to pull up on her when she approached King’s Landing. We also need to consider wtf Bran was doing during the Battle of Winterfell. He was warging into all of those ravens to do what exactly? He also seemed highly unbothered when Arya literally saved the world and killed the Night King.

There are may Bran questions that need answers.

Fans are convinced that all of this can only mean one thing, Bran is hella evil, and he’s the one who is actually responsible for King’s Landing destruction. To be real, we would prefer this theory over the dull and predictable storyline that Dany just went all Mad Queen on us.  The theory implies that once Dany heard the bells sound, she only intended to approach the Red Keep to burn it down and kill Cersei Lannister. The theorist explained, “Dany’s eyes are LOCKED onto the Red Keep when she takes off, and she’s beelining it for it for quite a while.”

However, instead of Dany heading toward the Red Keep, we get a shot from Bran’s vision earlier in the season of a dragon flying over King’s Landing. The theory says, “It’s only after we see the identical scene of Bran’s vision from an earlier season of Drogon’s shadow flying over King’s Landing that Drogon changes directions and starts lighting everyone up.”

If Bran took over Drogon, Dany wouldn’t have had any control over what was happening. From where we’re sitting, Bran is extremely suspect.