18 Insanely Cool Art Prints to Help You Start a Gallery Wall

Kristen Bousquet
18 Insanely Cool Art Prints to Help You Start a Gallery Wall
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When it comes to interior design, gallery walls seem to be the newest thing du jour. It’s exactly what it sounds like—a space on your wall that you cover with framed images or prints, as if you’re at gallery.  If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest in the past six months, you’ve probably seen tons of them.

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The best thing about gallery walls is the fact that you can use any type of art—prints, paintings, sketches, postcards, and magazine pull-outs—and the result is always invariably cool.

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To that end, we’ve rounded up 18 of our favorite affordable prints to buy that’ll help you start the most  Pinterest-worthy gallery wall ever.

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Skull Watercolor Giclee Print 8 x 10; $25 at aestate.storenvy.com

Lips Watercolor Giclee Print; $25 at aestate.storenvy.com

Ampersand Typographic Print; $10.25 at etsy.com

La Romantique Print; $50 at society6.com

Coco Chanel Noir Perfume Bottle Print; $24 at etsy.com

Gold Foil "Hustle" Print; $15 at etsy.com

New York Typographic Wall Art Decor; $12 at etsy.com

All You Need Is Love; $22 at etsy.com

Chevron Moment Print by Jessica Durrant; $25 at etsy.com

Influential Gold Print; $22 at madebygirl.com

Prada Marfa Inspired Poster; $14 at etsy.com

Ampersand Print; $45 at superette.co.nz

Floral Skull Print; $18 at society6.com

Everything Will Flow Print; $18 at society6.com

Dripping Lips by Jessica Durrant; $22 at etsy.com

Do Epic Shit Print; $45 at superette.co.nz

Super Pretty Print; $49 at superette.co.nz

Love More Print; $45 at superette.co.nz

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