7 Takeaways from Chelsea Clinton, Gabi Gregg, and Others at #BlogHer17

Leah Faye Cooper
7 Takeaways from Chelsea Clinton, Gabi Gregg, and Others at #BlogHer17
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The BlogHer17 Conference kicked off this week in Orlando, and the lineup of women attending to talk media, entrepreneurship, personal branding, politics, and more is very, very good. Like, Chelsea Clinton, Gabi Gregg, Cecile Richards, Serena Williams good. Needless to say, we’re thrilled to be on the scene, and are promptly committing the gems being dropped to memory. From tips on turning your passion into your career to insight on the current state on reproductive rights, here are a seven takeaways from day one of BlogHer17.

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It’s possible to find success blogging in 2017… if you have a point of view
“What a lot of [people] are doing is choosing to be like someone or something that’s already out there. Can it work? Sure, sometimes it works. But if you’re starting from the ground up, assuming that taking pictures of your outfits is going to help you land a magazine cover, that’s not how it works. Find a void and stand for something.”—Gabi Gregg, fashion blogger, GabiFresh

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If you’re an entrepreneur, don’t feel like you have to do everything by yourself forever
“I ran my business by myself up until last year. For me, it was about meeting someone [whose] ideas and creativity matched [mine]… two brains, four brains in a room is better than one.”—Anastasia Ashley, professional surfer

Embracing Your Sexuality Should be Celebratory, not Shameful
“Orgasming is such an important part of being a woman. I think sexuality, it’s both personal and very political—when we can actually come out of this shame of having to cum a certain way. You know, everybody’s different—everybody’s body is different—and the way sex is portrayed in movies and TV is from a male perspective. So looking for other ways is an important thing.”—Margaret Cho, comedian 

Don’t be afraid to try *inventive* ways of pleasuring yourself
“If you’re embarrassed to go buy a vibrator and you don’t want to buy one online or whatever, the Sonicare tooth brush does an amazing job.”—Margaret Cho

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Be unapologetic about speaking up for yourself
“We should all aspire to not giving a shit how other people will respond. Have that voice. Our needs are important. If you don’t put yourself first, everything else goes by the wayside.”—Logan Levkoff, sexuality and relationships expert

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The newest version of the health care bill will have a devastating impact if passed
“This incredibly important piece of legislation that was meticulously crafted by 13 white men ends access to Planned Parenthood to millions of folks in this country.”—Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood

For the sake of our sanity, we should bring humor to serious conversations from time to time
“Where do [proponents of the new legislation] think they came from? Everyone has a mother and if you think you don’t, look at your belly button!”—Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair, Clinton Foundation