The Stylish Gentleman: Gabe Saporta on Stretch Pants, Rappers’ Rolexes, More

Spencer Cain

sipausa 11069560 The Stylish Gentleman: Gabe Saporta on Stretch Pants, Rappers Rolexes, More

It’s New York Fashion Week, and so naturally we’re lapping up every bit of style that we can get. In honor of the festivities, we chatted with Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta who has been known on the New York scene for years now thanks to his sleek sense of style. Read on for Gabe’s take on fashion, splurges and his background (which you may not know about).

StyleCaster: How would you describe your style — onstage and off?

Gabe Saporta: Well, onstage is more of an exaggerated version of my casual style. I’ve been really into Native American patterns and Navajo prints — that Pendleton kind of vibe. So I tend to wear that, and when I’m performing live, I wear stretch denim because I have to move around so much. It makes it such a comfortable experience without having to give up skinny jeans. Of course, it depends on the event — if I have to look sharp, I’ll put on a suit.

Who’s your style icon?

Someone’s style that I love right now is Mark Ronson’s. I actually think we have sort of a similar style.

What’s your favorite place to shop? 

I’m so busy and I travel so much that shopping isn’t something that I really have a lot of time for. When I shop, especially when I come home, I just go to Topman. I go in there and find everything I need. If I’m on tour, I can get a whole wardrobe for the next show in one afternoon.

What projects are you currently working on? 

I just got back from the DNC and I’m about to go to the Tommy Hilfiger show! I’m working with this group called Voto Latino, which helps get Latino Americans registered to vote. A lot of people actually don’t know that I was born in Uruguay.

Has your culture influenced your style?

It’s definitely influenced my music. When we started Cobra Starship, it wasn’t really expected for rock bands to do something a little more “dance-y,” but being from a Latin country, I had dance in my blood.

Do you have anyone you would like to collaborate with musically? 

Pharrell from the Neptunes. I’ve loved everything he’s done — from Ol’ Dirty Bastard to Justin Timberlake. And I bet we could talk about style for a long time.

Do you have any signature pieces in your closet that are staples?

I rock a braided belt almost every day. My friend came over, and said “Yeah, I want to get a braided belt.” And I was like “Oh, you haven’t seen my collection of braided belts?” So that’s something I’m always wearing. And I have this really cool jean jacket on my back that has this Navajo pattern, which I wear a lot too.

Do you have any dream splurge items?

It’s so funny — I was just talking to my friend. And I said, “Do you think I should buy a $55,000 Rolex for $10,000? There’s this writer that I’m working with, his name is J. Cash and he comes from the hip-hop world, and he told me that Baby from Cash Money Records owed him $10,000, and he’s like, “Yo, man. How about I just give you this Rolex?” It’s a crushed gold Rolex — it’s blinged out but still a classy watch. It’s a ridiculous amount to spend on a watch, but it’s a good investment! It’s like money in the bank.

What’s next for you guys?

We’re on tour with a rapper named Syke appearing at multiple colleges in the upcoming months for Truth, the anti-smoking campaign.