Fabulous or Ridiculous: The Fuzzy Mink Shoes At Céline

Perrie Samotin

Considering the fashion world flips for pretty much everything Phoebe Philo does for Céline, we’re willing to bet we’ll see more than a few fashion heavyweights strutting around in her latest bold footwear creations for the French fashion house’s Spring 2013 collection, divisive as they’re sure to be. During the brand’s Paris Fashion Week show yesterday, a cavalcade of models stormed the runway in full-on fuzzy mink shoes in varying shades of, um, brightness.

Big-bird yellow, red, cobalt and lavender were among the shades, while the silhouettes ranged from classic pumps — some fully covered in mink, some only partially — and gladiator-style flat sandals with mink trim. Honestly, while they’re indeed a bit out there (Muppet-like, some may say, and sure to be cuh-razy expensive), they fit in quite well with Philo’s streamlined essentials, adding a touch of that slightly-off-center appeal the designer does so well.

Click through the gallery to see Céline’s fuzzy mink shoes and tell us — do you think they’re fabulous or ridiculous?