The 10 Funniest Pranks Celebrities Have Pulled on Each Other

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin
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Prank videos are the heart of the internet. Whether they’re of family members or random people on the street, videos of people pranking each other, no matter how dumb or how well they’re pulled off, never fail to make the internet laugh. But what’s even better than two strangers pranking each other is when we see two celebrities in an epic prank war.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we’ve rounded up the most hilarious, must-watch pranks that celebrities have pulled on each other. From age-old prank calls and surprise scares to intricate thought-out stunts, these celebrity prank videos are worth your time. Find out how Hailey Baldwin pranked her BFF, Kendall Jenner, and more below.

Hailey Baldwin Prank-Calls Kendall Jenner

In an interview with E! News’s Jason Kennedy, Baldwin attempted to prank-call “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson. When Benson didn’t pick up, Baldwin’s BFF, Kendall Jenner, happened to call right after. That’s when Kennedy went into prank mode and pretended to be an Uber driver who found Baldwin’s phone. Naturally, Jenner totally fell for it. When Kennedy, still pretending to be an Uber driver, asked Jenner for her name, she shut the conversation down. Knowing that her name in Baldwin’s phone is “Ken,” Jenner pretended that she was calling from the phone of her boyfriend, who happened to be named Ken. Of course, the prank ended in hysterics with Baldwin confessing that she was pulling her best friend’s leg.

Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian Try to Make Kendall Jenner Think She Pooped in Her Sleep

Oh, sisters. In an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kendall’s big sisters Kourtney and Khloé try to make her think that she pooped in her sleep. The Kardashian sisters landed on the idea after asking their Twitter followers for a good prank to do on Kendall. After cutting up a few chocolate pieces, the Kardashians sneak into Kendall’s room, pull down her shorts, and try to put the chocolate in her butt, so when she wakes up, she thinks that’s she’s pooped herself. But before they could finish the prank, Kendall wakes up, spoiling the fun. Better luck next time, girls.

Kit Harington Puts a Severed Head in Rose Leslie’s Refrigerator

Harington and Leslie, who met playing romantic interests on “Game of Thrones,” should be used to seeing bloody figures. But Harington’s prank on his fiancée proves that no matter how many fight scenes she does, Leslie will never be used to seeing a bloody head in her refrigerator. On “The Jonathan Ross Show,” Harington shared a video of a prank he did on his future wife. Essentially, he stuck a severed head (fake, obvi) in her refrigerator, so that when she opened the door, she would freak out. The prank lived up to its expectations. When Leslie opened the refrigerator door—carrying a filled Brita water filter, we might add—she screamed bloody murder, ran to the other side of the kitchen, and collapsed on the floor in fear.

Shay Mitchell Pretends to Be a Crazy Fan of Troian Bellisario’s

Starring on “Pretty Little Liars” together, Mitchell and Bellisario should be used to deception. In this short but sweet video, Bellisario is greeting “Pretty Little Liars” fans in France. After she’s done hugging and thanking one, she sees a crazy woman screaming and running toward her. “OH MY GOD!” Mitchell screams, barreling toward Bellisario. “Oh, Jesus Christ!” Bellisario screams in response.

Bella Hadid Pretends to Be an Obsessed Fan of Gigi Hadid’s

What’s the point of having a famous sister if you can’t prank them in an interview? Bella did exactly that when Gigi was in a radio interview with BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw. During the interview, Gigi was taking calls from fans when one sounded awfully familiar. Bella, pretending to be an obsessed fan named Emily, gushed over Gigi in a British accent, calling her a “star” and asking how she started modeling. Then “Emily” gave away her cover by saying that she was “working on” her British accent. That’s when Gigi exclaimed, “That’s my sister!” and the jig was up.

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Paris Jackson Prank Calls Taylor Lautner as a ‘Twilight’-Obsessed Fan

Pretending to be fans is a recurring theme of celebrity pranks. In a podcast interview with “Hamish & Andy,” Jackson pretended to be “Rachel,” an obsessed “Twilight” fan who has “dreams” about Taylor Lautner. The prank began with Jackson calling up her good friend Lautner, as herself, and asking if he would talk to “Rachel” on the phone. “I’m really sorry to do this to you, man, but her name is Rachel, and she really wants to talk to you,” Jackson said.

Lautner reluctantly agreed, which was when Jackson went into prank mode and flirted hardcore as “Rachel.” Oh my God, Taylor. I don’t think you understand. I have so many dreams about you. Do you really turn into a wolf?” Jackson said. “I dream about your paws on me, and I just dream that one day you’ll come to the Land Down Under.” Lautner, audibly uncomfortable, responded, “You’re making me blush here.” Eventually, the call ended with Jackson revealing herself and Lautner admitting that the prank was “one of the weirdest phone calls” he’s ever had. Mission accomplished.

Ellen DeGeneres Scares the S—t Out of Taylor Swift

If you’ve seen “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” at all, you know that DeGeneres loves to scare her guests. Whether it’s with a clown popping out of an ottoman or a ghost running onto the stage, DeGeneres always knows how to get her guests good. But perhaps one of her best scares wasn’t with a terrifying monster, but simply with a good old-fashioned scream. In 2010, Swift had an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Before her interview, she walked into her green room, where she looked around a little and eventually explored into the bathroom. As she admired some bathroom art, DeGeneres pops out of nowhere and scares the living s—t out of her. Swift falls hard to the ground and the women have a hearty laugh.

Leonardo DiCaprio Pretends to Be an Obsessed Fan Videotaping Jonah Hill

DiCaprio and Hill starred on “The Wolf of Wall Street” together in 2013, so they likely have some great stories from the set. But perhaps their best prank happened after the cameras stopped rolling. Thanks to a video recorded by the paparazzi, fans found out that DiCaprio pulled an epic prank on his costar in New York City. The prank begins with the paparazzi stalking DiCaprio walking down the streets of New York City with some friends. Eventually, they see DiCaprio notice something odd ahead of him. Then, he starts running like a mad man with his phone out screaming Hill’s name. Hill, thinking that the man running toward him is a crazed fan, flinches and clutches his chest. Eventually, he sees that it’s DiCaprio and the men hug it out.

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Amy Schumer Falling in Front of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Only Schumer would dare to prank celebrity royalty Kardashian and West on a red carpet. The comedian and the Kardashian-Wests were attending TIME magazine’s annual TIME 100 red carpet event. When Schumer saw the couple making their way down the red carpet, she knew she had to do something dramatic. The first thing that she thought of was to face-plant onto the red carpet and pretend that she fell. Photographers caught some epic pictures of Schumer pretending to struggle for help as Kim and Kanye nonchalantly step over her.

Rihanna Wakes Up Jimmy Kimmel by Twerking While He Sleeps

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to Rihanna? The “Work” singer pranked late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who has been notorious for pranking celebrities like Matt Damon and random bystanders on the street, by sneaking into his house and throwing money on him as he slept. In a video on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Rihanna can be seen quietly entering the host’s house with a few backup dancers and a boom box. Then, when they were close enough, RihRih blasted her song, “Bitch Better Have My Money,” tossed cash on Kimmel’s back, and lodged a pillow at him, making sure that he woke up.