End Times: There’s a New Blog Entirely Composed of Selfies Taken at Funerals

Meghan Blalock

We’re pretty convinced there’s only one appropriate response to the new Tumblr Selfies at Funerals, and it goes something like, “Lord, help us all.” As the name suggests, the new blog—the brainchild of Fast Company editor Jason Feifer, who also created the blog Selfies at Serious Places—is literally just a curated collection of people taking selfies at funerals.

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funeral selfiesSome of the images featured are tongue-in-cheek, like the one above in which a girl pokes out her bottom lip and comments “depressing funeral selfie.” But some of them, like below, seem to be cluelessly earnest in their absolute and total narcissism.

funeral selfies

As might be expected, most of the posts—which Feifer finds by simply heading to Twitter or Instagram and searching “funeral selfie”—come from individuals who appear to be in high school or younger. This is the only aspect of the blog’s existence that gives us hope; if we spotted a grown man or woman engaging in this kind of behavior, we would question the very nature of modern humanity. (Or, as HuffPo put it, “the apocalypse can’t come soon enough.”)

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What does the abundance of funeral selfies tell us about the state of the human race at the moment? The amount of self-involvement required to even think of taking a photo of yourself at the funeral of one of your loved ones is equal parts impressive and depressing; it’s a sad state of affairs that the individual desire to be present on social media has now overshadowed the common rules of decency and etiquette that normally rule the roost at somber events like funerals.

What do you think? Have selfies gone too far? Let us know below!