20 Witty Pens and Pencils to Add to Your Desk

Kristen Bousquet
20 Witty Pens and Pencils to Add to Your Desk
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We know what you’re thinking: Who actually uses pens and pencils anymore? Well, the fact is—even with the staggering amounts of technology available—we all still rely on writing tools to some degree. And you need them, why not make ’em awesome, and fun to look at?

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From witty customized pencils to pretty pens, we’ve rounded up 20 variations that won’t only get the job done, but will also look killer when trying to capture that perfect Instagram desk shot or flatlay!

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What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Set of Engraved Pencils; $4.42 at etsy.com

Mean Girls Medium Pink Pencils with Gold Foil Text; $11.25 at etsy.com

Gentle Reminders Pencils; $12 at etsy.com

Pink Imprinted Pencils - Busy B-tch; $5 at etsy.com

Walker Shop Grass Leaf Pen; $5 at shop.walkerart.org

I Love Paris Engraved Pencil Set of 3; $4 at etsy.com

Choose Joy and Keep Choosing It, Set of 4 Purple Hexagon Pencils; $7 at etsy.com

Dual Deco Pen Set; $6.27 at mochithings.com

Fluorescent Colored Pencil Set; $25 at momastore.org

poppin. Multi-Color Gel Pen Set; $9 at urbanoutfitters.com

Poketo Pastel Pocket Pen; $5 at anthropologie.com

Ball Pen Tous Les Jours; $7.93 at etsy.com

Elegant Once Upon A Time Pen; $3 at etsy.com

Dual Pattern Pen Set; $4.17 at mochithings.com

Cute Patterned Pen; $3 at paperpastries.bigcartel.com

Chronicle Books Stationery of the Art Pencil Set; $8.99 at modcloth.com

Shades Of Pink Pencils; $8 at etsy.com

Lilly Pulitzer Pen & Highlighter Set; $12 at seejanework.com

Pastel Blue Pencils, set of 12; $7.50 at etsy.com

Reclaimed Branch Colored Pencils; $12 at poketo.com

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