The Full Moon Of June 2022 Will Affect These 4 Zodiac Signs The Most

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The Full Moon Of June 2022 Will Affect These 4 Zodiac Signs The Most
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Every 28 days, the full moon makes its grand entrance in the night sky, revealing the entirety  of its celestial beauty. As it showers the universe with its glowing, ethereal light, you can literally *feel* its power surging through your spirit. And if you’re one of the zodiac signs most affected by the full moon, there’s a strong chance the experience will leave you changed in some way!

A full moon always takes place while the moon—ruler of your internal self—is forming an opposition with the sun—ruler of your external self—creating inner turmoil and forcing you to take action. It’s not unusual for deep-seated emotions to rise to the surface like a volcanic explosion, nor it is uncommon for major epiphanies to take place during this time. Because the full moon is also the most climactic phase of the lunar cycle, it’s often a time that evokes major changes and revelatory moments. Like it or not, a full moon will always set you free!

On June 14, a full moon in Sagittarius will rise bright and early (at 7:52 a.m. ET, to be exact). Sagittarius is famous for its optimistic outlook and big-picture-thinking, and whenever you get a dose of this zodiac sign’s wild and spontaneous nature, it always encourages you to take a risk! Symbolized by a centaur holding a bow and arrow, Sagittarius always wants you to shoot your shot. I mean, what’re you waiting for?

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With that being said, let’s not forget this full moon in Sagittarius will also oppose the sun in Gemini, which certainly spices things up. While Sagittarius is concerned with overall summaries and major broad strokes, Gemini is focused on the minute details and the intricacies that get lost in all the excitement. If you were to ask a Sagittarius to tell you a story, they’ll give you a grand performance, but you might wish they had included more descriptions and details in their narrative. If you ask a Gemini to tell you their version of the same tale, they might paint a beautiful picture for you and give you every footnote you could ever possibly need. However, you might feel like it’s taking them forever to finally get to the point!

As this full moon brings you the beauty of Sagittarius’ wisdom along with the fascinating elements of Gemini’s attention to detail, it will paint a full picture for you. And whatever that picture may be is *exactly* what you’re meant to see.

If your sun sign, moon sign or rising sign falls under any of the following zodiac signs, the upcoming full moon will rock your world. Here’s why:

These Zodiac Signs Will Feel The June Full Moon The Most

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You might notice some major changes unfolding throughout your life during this full moon, Gemini. Taking place in your seventh house of partnerships, this full moon is bringing your attention to your relationships and how they function. Whether it’s a lover, a friend or even a business partner, this full moon may reveal that things are getting more serious with a certain someone. But in order for you to have the relationship you’ve always wanted, you may need to break free from certain patterns that keep you locked in toxic dynamics. If you know something isn’t working, don’t ignore that feeling! On the other hand, if your heart is telling you that something feels right, don’t let fear hold you back from the connection you deserve.

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This full moon may come and go like a tornado, Virgo! After all, this full moon is taking place in your fourth house of home and family, forcing you to face the reality of what goes on in your private life. If you’ve outgrown your current circumstances, this full moon may be what forces you to finally move to a new apartment, do some way overdue spring cleaning and light some incense to spruce up the energy! If there are conflicts and resentments lingering at home, this full moon may be what finally pushes you to speak your truth. Remember, your roots are what support your growth, and if there’s rot lingering at your foundation, ignoring it will only allow it to fester. Take back your house, Virgo. Your sacred space belongs to you and no one else.

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Who are you, Sagittarius? No, really—who *are* you? Ponder that question for a while, because this full moon is bringing your attention to your identity and the way you assert yourself. If you’re pretending to be someone you’re not just to make someone else happy, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s time to make your needs known; to tell people exactly who they are. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem, not yours! Remember—you’re on a journey toward self-actualization, and if you’re making too many pit stops along the way, it will only leave you feeling lost. Instead of allowing someone else to tell you who you are and  where you’re headed, change the station. Tune into your own radio frequency, because your inner compass knows exactly where to go next.

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You’re coming out of your cage and you’ve been doing just fine, Pisces. During this full moon, you may be releasing some news that gets the whole world talking about you. Taking place in your 10th house of public image, this full moon is shining a light on your reputation and how you put your best foot forward. Are you cultivating an image of success and authority in your field? Or are you shying away from the spotlight and allowing your colleagues to take all the credit? Step up to the place, Pisces, because you *know* you’re ready to hit a home run. If you never put yourself out there, how else will you know if you’ve got what it takes?

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