The Full Moon Eclipse on November 19 Calls For Some Deep Transformation

The Full Moon Eclipse on November 19 Calls For Some Deep Transformation
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Brace yourself! The Full Moon in Taurus officially kicks off eclipse season on November 19and it’s signaling for deep transformation. It is the first of two eclipses over the next 30 days, and if you let it, it will help you discover deeper clarity, understanding and inner contentment. Plus, whatever comes up during this magical Full Moon Eclipse can give you valuable insight into what you should focus on for the next six months. Jump below for all the details!

Approximately every six months, we witness two to three eclipses in the heavens. We see at least one eclipse of the Sun, with the moon blocking his light (a Solar or Full Moon Eclipse) and one eclipse of the Moon, with the earth’s shadow blocking her light (a Lunar or New Moon Eclipse). Throughout history, eclipses represented times of sweeping change, and were sometimes feared by our ancestors.

The Greeks set measures to protect their King as they believed it to be the most dangerous time for their leaders. In China, the ancients banged on drums, pots and pans during eclipses so as to scare any bad vibes away. But, not all cultures believed that eclipse heralded troubles—the Batammaliba people of Benin and Togo used eclipse time to signal peace, as they believed the gods extinguished the Sun and the Moon to warn them of ill behavior. They took eclipse season as a time for reflection and an opportunity to make changes in their life.

Nothing against the ancient tribes that feared eclipses, but hiding in fear or preparing for the worst won’t really yield much benefit. Eclipses aren’t here to ruin your life! They are here to help you identify the ways in which you can better navigate towards your dreams. They bring new energy and people into your life that better align with who you are in that moment, and help you let go of those who no longer resonate with you. Eclipses help you see where change is needed and give you the boost you need to finally make that change. It is only when we have resistance to that energy that we suffer.

This magical Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus brings us a golden opportunity for reflection and compromise. Taurus energy is all about our values, self worth, feelings of safety/security and material concerns. This is a time to think about what changes or adjustments you need to make to feel more safe and secure in the world. What values are you attached to that no longer reflect the post-pandemic version of yourself? Are the decisions you are making valuing and honoring your highest self? 

The energy of this Full Moon will be further amplified by a trine to Pluto, increasing it’s potency and our ability to step deeper into our power, as well as by a square to Jupiter, helping us to better understand how our beliefs contribute to how we manifest and experience the world. 

All signs will feel this eclipse in some regard or another, with Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio feeling it the most intensely. Be sure to find ways to burn off any excess or built-up energy you may have. You don’t want it coming out at inopportune times! Smudge your space, take a ritual bath or even just do some serious journaling. And most importantly, remember to give yourself grace.

No matter how this eclipse goes down for you, just remember everyone else will be dealing with something in their lives during this time, too. Be gentle out there, beauties. And happy Full Moon Eclipse!

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