The Full Moon In Pisces On September 20 Is A Time To Check In With Yourself

The Full Moon In Pisces On September 20 Is A Time To Check In With Yourself
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It’s time to allow your dreams to come to fruition under this Pisces Full Moon on September 20! Beautifully aspected, the energy of this full moon will be emotionally, energetically and creatively charged, helping us to access hidden pieces of ourselves needed to manifest our full potential. Prepare to open the floodgates of your intuition!

This 28-day moon cycle, which started on September 6 with the New Moon in Virgo, wraps up with a full moon in the mystical, dreamy sign of Pisces. If you recall, this lunar cycle began with encouragement to get organized, focused and disciplined, courtesy of that Virgo New Moon. Perhaps you spent the beginning of the month making plans, setting intentions or working towards the next step in your journey to get closer to your dreams.

Now, with the lunar cycle peaking at this Pisces Full Moon, it’s time to take a pause, reflect on any feedback the universe has provided and release anything that might be disconnecting you from the mindset or emotional space necessary to manifest where you want to be. 

A special note about this full moona Pisces Full Moon can pull you all the way into your feelings and emotions. This, of course, can go one of two ways. You can be pulled into a deeper appreciation and respect for yourself, or a place of self-loathing. It’s really up to you to choose how you wish to use this magnetic energy.

Spending time journaling, meditating or doing breathing exercises on the night of the full moon is a sure way to keep the energy high. If you find that your energy starts waning, make a gratitude list! It’s a sure-fire way to prevent full moon spiraling.

A Pisces Full Moon can pull you all the way into your feelings and emotions.

Fortunately, Pluto will be throwing some friendly vibes to this full moon, supporting the transformation necessary for you to truly honor your inner power. Neptune, however, could make interpreting your feelings a little hazy. Maybe this time, instead of trying to rationalize your emotions, you just let them flow, honor them and release them. Doing something creative or artistic might help you connect with your unconscious a little more, too.

The last thing to note about this Full Moon in Pisces is that it is tied to the Pisces New Moon that occurred back on March 13, 2021. Check your calendar or journal to see what types of goals or intentions you set then, or what projects you started around that time. This full moon will bring you feedback from or even culminate whatever you were working on.

If you love the results, amazing! If you don’t, that’s okay too. Be gentle with yourself—you are closer than you think to achieving whatever you desire. 

Be gentle with yourself, you are closer than you think to achieving whatever you desire.

As you use this full moon to reflect, integrate and course-correct, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer and Taurus will feel this moon’s energy in the most encouraging way. Use the opportunity wisely and dream big dreams, lovers!

To Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius: Be gentle with yourselves. You might not love the floaty feeling of your emotions, but it is truly your emotions that create your reality. Honoring them only makes your powers to manifest stronger.

Observe your feelings, settle into them without the fear of them overtaking you. Use your natural power to be grounded as you let said emotions flow through you. Staying stuck helps no one. 

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