A Simple Magic Spell to Give a Try on Monday’s Full Moon

A Simple Magic Spell to Give a Try on Monday’s Full Moon

Whereas new moons are filled with fresh energy and new beginnings, full moons are about conclusions, results, answers—and all the reflection that accompanies them. June 17’s full strawberry moon is no exception. This full moon, direct your energy away from all the new ideas, fresh thoughts and exciting opportunities bouncing around that mind of yours, and make space for contemplation, instead. It’s time to give life our attention. To think about how things have been tested, broken down and rearranged this lunar cycle. To consider the things we hoped for during June’s new moon, and to determine whether we’re any closer to the lives we want.

It may feel like everything’s been up in the air lately. This full moon is the perfect opportunity to let the dust settle—to see where the pieces fall. Deep within you is a set of core beliefs that cannot be uprooted or dismantled for too long. These beliefs are what you know about yourself, what you are striving for, what you know you deserve and want out of life.

Sometimes, it can feel like a wave of change has swept in and washed away everything you thought you knew and everything you’ve grown accustomed to. You may be left sitting, wondering what will happen next—where to go from here, what lies ahead. But in times of immense chaos and confusion—in times where everything seems to get erased—our cores remain. There will be many occasions where you’ll need to stand on your faith alone, despite what the circumstances look like or what your life experience has shown you. But just because you don’t know what to expect doesn’t mean you should fear the worst.

A simple but powerful lunar magic spell for tapping into what lies in your heart:

  • Sage your sacred space and sit comfortably, crosslegged, on a mat or pillow.
  • Take a few deep cleansing breaths and enter into a calm 20-minute meditation, allowing your thoughts to erase themselves.
  • At the end of the 20-minute meditation, reflect on the grand vision you have for your life. Consider clarifying details as needed, but try to remain open-minded; life isn’t very interesting to live if we already have a play-by-play of how things are going to turn out.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your time spent meditation, write down everything you’ve seen and felt on the top half of a piece of paper. Then, fill the bottom half with all the things that were absent from your vision—all the things you wish you’d seen. (These are aspirations and desires, too.) Draw a line dividing the top half of the page from the bottom half.
  • Fold the paper in half, bringing the top toward you—as if you’re physically summoning your visions.
  • Continue to fold the paper until it can fit in a small envelope, then place it in one accordingly. Keep the envelope somewhere in plain sight, so it can serve as a reminder of what you want from life—and keep you focus on that which is most meaningful to you.
  • Every time you see the envelope, repeat a mantra in your head. Something like, “I’m open to the blessings the world has in store for me,” or “I’m ready to share my gifts and light with the world,” or “I step forward with faith, light and love.”


Originally published on Horoscope.com.