The Full Moon In Libra On March 28 Calls Your Relationships Into Question

The Full Moon In Libra On March 28 Calls Your Relationships Into Question
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The first full moon of the astrological year is here and it’s sure to get you balanced! The Full Moon in Libra on March 28 will highlight the need to balance independence with companionability, guarded boundaries with compromise and honoring our needs with tending to the needs of others. This is a relationship-focused full moon, with the aim of helping us heal and grow closer to those we love.

In truth, all full moons are about balance. Just like the sun and the moon, opposite of one another during a full moon, life is filled with duality. Night and day, love and fear, joy and sadness, peace and stress—these are all expressions of duality in daily life. Highlighting this, the monthly full moon is a time for us to better understand and appreciate this balance. Without rain, how could we appreciate the beauty of the clouds parting for the sun? Full moons are a time for taking seemingly opposite themes, finding balance and integrating them into our lives with grace. 

Specifically for this Full Moon in Libra, how we balance our individual needs with the desires of others will be called into question. This is because the moon will be in the sign of Libra, which rules partnership, diplomacy, compromise, romance and beauty. It will also be opposite of the sun in the sign of Aries, which rules independence, creativity, individuality and self-assertion. The moon will call for us to compromise, aim for tact and partner when possible, while the sun will want us to also ensure our own needs are accounted for and that we are speaking our truth. 

Some questions to ask during this full moon include: Am I expressing my needs in my relationships? Am I listening to the needs of others? Do I dedicate as much “me” time to myself as I dedicate “us” time to my relationships? Am I expressing myself in a way that invites compromise and negotiation, or am I stubborn in my perspective?

The goal in any relationship is not for just one person to have their needs met, but for two wholly independent people to take each other into account. This includes both romantic and non-romantic relationships, by the way. Fortunately, this Full Moon in Libra is beautifully aspected by Saturn, Mars and the North Node, so its teaching should be gentle and kind.

However, gentle and kind does not mean these teachings won’t be profound! Chiron, the wounded healer and Venus, the goddess of love and money, will both be opposing the Moon in Libra, adding to its potency. Don’t be surprised if the messages of the full moon appear through a special person in your life. If you’re open, you might be able to finally heal some old relationship-based wounds for good. 

A good way to maximize the energy of this full moon is to write down any habits, beliefs or relationship struggles you wish to release and then destroy the paper your list was written on (preferably with fire) to represent the release. When you are finished, return the ashes to the earth, asking for all that you released to be transformed into healing and love. And then it is done!

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