Fair Warning, The Full Moon in Cancer on January 17 Miiiiight Make You Cry

Fair Warning, The Full Moon in Cancer on January 17 Miiiiight Make You Cry
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The first full moon of the year, the Full moon in Cancer, occurs on January 17—and spoiler, there might be some tears. But never fear, because as deeply emotional as this full moon may be, it is also filled to the brim with opportunities to help you sort through and release your emotional baggage and bring some serious deep-cleansing to your psyche. Self-care is your best ally to navigate through this super special full moon. Check out all the deets below to learn more.

With a full moon in the sign of Cancer, we’ve reached the midpoint of another 29.5 day lunar cycle, the first of 2022. Similar to all full moons, it is time to take a pause, turn inward and reflect. The monthly full moon is prime for contemplation, as often the days around it are robust with change, insights, epiphanies and decisions. Often, circumstances out of our control pop up during this time, triggering us to examine our own thoughts and feelings and their influence on the reality we exist in.

To astronomers, a full moon is just when the Sun and the Moon are at opposite points of the sky, causing the tides to magnify. But to astrologers, the magic of a full moon lies not in the rise of water on the earth, but the rise in anything hidden that’s ready to be healed. 

It is time to nurture yourself the way you’ve always wanted to be cared for.

Falling in the sign of Cancer, a water sign, this magic is super relevant. With the energy of Cancer, the full moon encourages us to delve into our feelings, self nurture, work with our inner child and learn to create the emotional safety needed to operate at our full potential. It is time to nurture yourself the way you’ve always wanted to be cared for—to connect more deeply with those you can be vulnerable with, including your family, blood or otherwise. It is time to turn to your inner child, give them a hug and remind them that they are powerful. 

Pluto will be lending support to this Full Moon, amplifying its energy. Think of this like a now-or-never type of pressure to finally step into your power and shine! This will be especially true for those residing in the United States, as this full moon will be right on the country’s natal Pluto, which is going through a return in February. Power is a huge theme for the next few months because of this, and this full moon is sure to kick up that energy. 

Lastly, with Mercury going retrograde just days before on January 14, don’t be surprised if some confusing circumstances or information comes up. Be sure to remember that a full moon is meant for reflection and stillness, less so for action. This is doubly true for this full moon, especially with mercury retrograde in the mix! Patience will be key, with yourself as much as with others.

This will be exceptionally true for people with planets close to 27 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn as this full moon will be especially potent for you. Even if you’re not one of the mentioned signs, this full moon can still be triggering, so remember to take your time, be gentle with yourself and be open to the universe pushing you into your power. You’re magical, and this full moon is bound to prove just that!

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