The Full Moon in Aquarius On July 23 Will Affect These Signs The Most

The Full Moon in Aquarius On July 23 Will Affect These Signs The Most
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It’s time to get your freak on…but not in the ways you might think. The first of two powerful Full Moons in Aquarius happens on July 23, pushing us to fly our freak flags, get behind the causes we believe in and think wayyy outside of the box. Pluto will be amplifying this energy, positioning us for nothing short of magical experiences.

When the sun and the moon face each other at 180 degrees, July’s Full Buck Moon will shine all of her glory. The name “Buck Moon” stems from Native American tradition, as this is the time when the majestic buck deer develop their gorgeous antlers.

Funny enough, the sign of Aquarius is all about forging your own path and connecting more deeply with your individuality, which is quite similar to the historic symbolism associated with the deer as a spirit animal. In Shamanic wisdom, the deer appears as a gentle reminder to be consistent with your path and listen closely to your intuition to allow it to guide you down that path.

With a Full Moon in Aquarius, the energies of social responsibility, expression of individuality, radical change, experimentation and collaboration are highlighted. The moon will be opposite of the sun, placing the moon in Aquarius and the sun in Leo, ultimately pushing us towards epiphanies and deeper understanding. Specifically, we are being called to inquire about how we can more confidently fly our freak flags and embrace our unique talents and perspectives, all while being cognizant of our impact and influence on the world at large.

The sign of Aquarius is all about forging your own path and connecting more deeply with your individuality.

We are being motivated to release any old ways of thinking that cause us to dim our lights, let go of the fear of change and open up to how we impact the world as individuals, so we can all shine our lights in unison.

The energy of Pluto (The transformer and lord of death, rebirth and regeneration) cozying up to this full moon only magnifies the desire to transform. This could heighten your feelings and emotions during this time as well as make your interactions with those in power—or even your own ability to wield power—that much more intense.

Journaling, meditating and any other self-exploration or self-inquiry practices will be well-rewarded during this full moon. It is highly likely that Pluto will amplify your intuition, causing you to have emotional breakthroughs you might not normally be able to access.

Due to the placement of this full moon, at 1 degree of Aquarius, those born in late Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn as well as those born in early Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel this one pretty intensely. Remember, loves: The goal of a full moon is not to react, pop off or do much of anything. It is a time for reflection, understanding, compassion and observation. If anything triggering comes up, remember to breathe and ask yourself, “what is the universe doing for me?”

No matter your sign, this Full Moon in Aquarius will be quite powerful. Be sure you are cleansing and smudging to ensure the energy is being released in a safe and healthy way. Happy Full Moon!

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